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In its last kicks, terror group CNRD’s interim president threatens “to launch war”

By Joan Karera

FLN rebels. They have been defeated, scattered, and many captured. Now one Francine Umubyeyi is trying to profit off a con game that she can revive them “to fight Rwanda!”.

On one of the anti-Rwanda YouTube channels, Francine Umubyeyi, the interim president of one of the armchair anti-Rwanda terrorist groups, National Council for Renewal and Democracy (CNRD), was heard uttering claims that their militia who belong to the National Liberation Forces (FLN) armed wing are “in training getting ready to attack Rwanda”, something that was strongly derided by commentators who were following the interview.

The US-based Umubyeyi, 39, was previously the “deputy commissioner for political affairs and diplomacy” in CNRD and held the same position in the MRCD coalition. She later took over the position of CNRD president after “Lt. Gen.” Laurent Ndagijimana, alias Wilson Irategeka was killed in the DRC’s military operations against armed militia groups in the east of DRC.

In the interview, Umubyeyi claimed that “FLN is in Nyungwe in preparations for a war, to fight for Rwandans who are in ‘danger’ in the country.” She then went on to utter incitement. “Those of you following us now, you have the responsibility to support this struggle ‘to liberate Rwandans’,” she said, echoing the words of all terrorist groups that have killed innocent civilians.

However, according observers, it’s known that FLN is only capable of peddling such falsehoods, and saying that FLN is in training in Nyungwe Forest is just an imagination because when it tried to attack Rwanda from there in 2018, it was routed by RDF. Information is that almost no one of their militia survived.

In November last year, President Kagame had warned such terror groups that “Rwanda is going to raise the cost high on the part of anybody who wants to destabilize the country’s security.”

Which is the reason, according to one of the observers, “all those who had made such claims like Callixte Nsabimana ‘Sankara’, Rusesabagina, Herman Nsengimana and others are in custody now, facing justice for their crimes.”

Francine Umubyeyi continued with the usual propaganda of hate, fed by falsehoods: “the RPF has failed to completely put an end to the Rwandan refugees’ problem, now it has started to kill them to show that there are no more refugees.” This obviously isn’t true for anyone that knows the facts, said a social media observer. “Rwanda, for instance, is classified by UNHCR, the UN agency for refugees, as a country none of whose citizens has cause to be a refugee.”

As a result, a decade ago, a cessation clause was signed by UNHCR that indicated all Rwandan refugees could safely return home since there was no single factor that could cause any to be a refugee, and it came into force in 2013.

“The fact that this woman has started to go in the media asking for support shows how their terror group FLN is left with nothing since their funder Rusesabagina, and their fighters have been arrested, with the remaining having started to form splinter groups due to misunderstandings.

“She just wants to fleece money from people just like all these terror groups work,” added our source.

In June and December 2018, the FLN attacks in Nyungwe claimed nine unarmed civilians, namely: Joseph Habarurema, Fidèle Munyaneza, Anathole Maniraho, Hilarie Mukabahizi, Diane Jackeline Mutesi, Isaac Niwenshuti, Samuel Nteziryayo, Jeanine Niyobuhungiro and Ornella Sine Atete.

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