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In a first, Ugandan intelligence announce a death before it happens, and blame Rwanda in advance!

By Alex Muhumuza

CMI chief Kandiho, left, ISO boss Bagyenda, right, and MP Robert Kyagulanyi, the man that escaped death at the hands of regime security agencies. Is Wine’s life in danger again?

Uganda’s intelligence services have began circulating the rumor that “Robert Kyagulanyi – more popularly known as People Power mobilizer Bobi Wine – is going to be assassinated by Rwanda!” They have done that through Titus Seruga, one of their main tools for dissemination of propaganda and misinformation.

On his Facebook page the Belgium-based CMI and ISO mouthpiece claims that Rwanda’s alleged intention “in assassinating the dynamic Bobi Wine – currently the politician Museveni fears the most – is to further discredit President Museveni, as a worse leader than (President) Kagame!”

In normal circumstances the rantings of someone like Seruga would be dismissed as those of an escaped inmate of Butabika, or some other facility like that for the mentally unwell. But this man’s utterances are fed him by Kampala intelligence services. They should be treated seriously.

The question then is: why have the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence, or Internal Security Organisation ordered him to predict an assassination of Kyagulanyi?

An analysis of Seruga’s usual utterances about Bobi Wine shows he has been doing his best to tie the Kyadondo East MP to Kigali. Just mid last month Seruga claimed that Rwanda was “sponsoring Bobi Wine, and his entire campaign!” Seruga even claimed Kigali was giving Bobi Wine money to donate at funerals, (mabugo)!

It was all very laughable of course, and the MP’s many supporters came out on Facebook to roundly rebuke the CMI tool. They told him they (Kyagulanyi’s supporters), not only in Uganda but worldwide, were very capable of raising more than enough money for their leader’s campaign.

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So then, one wonders, why is the same CMI propagandist just a few days later claiming Rwanda wants “to assassinate” the person he has vehemently been claiming the same country is sponsoring?” There is no logic on the face of it. There is no logic in the smear that Rwanda wants to assassinate the same person Seruga has been claiming is a Rwandan asset, “just to make Museveni look bad”!

On the other hand, an analyst said, Seruga’s wild rantings about Kigali’s supposed plotting against the MP mean very ominous things for Bobi Wine. Another attempt by Museveni’s brutal agencies on his life could be in the offing.

The first time was last year in Arua, during the by-election that has gone down in infamy, for the seat of the deceased Ibrahim Abiriga. No one will forget the violence visited on the people of Arua by President Museveni’s Special Forces Command (SFC). Bobi Wine was in Arua, as were Francis Zaake of Mityana and others, to campaign for their preferred candidate.

The atmosphere was tense from the first moment SFC rolled into the northern Ugandan town. The next thing people knew, gunshots were ringing out. SFC gunmen had fired into the car of Bobi Wine, which was parked next to the hotel he was staying at.

The SFC men killed Bobi Wine’s driver, Yassin Kawuma, and left him bleeding to death in the driver’s seat. It was established state security intended the bullets for Bobi Wine, but mistook his driver for him. Robert Kyagulanyi had escaped with his life. He did not however escape horrific torture shortly afterwards.

In a long post on his Facebook page describing the torture he underwent in Arua, it was clear the intention was to kill him. “These people were completely inhuman,” Wine would write from a hospital bed in the US where he went for treatment.

But, as everyone that knows the Ugandan leader very well will tell, he is someone that won’t easily stop until he gets what he wants. He is still after the life of Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi, from what Ugandan intelligence agents’ utterances, through their mouthpiece, signify.

Seruga’s wild smears – posted on the second this month – include allegations that “Mossad (Israeli), and French intelligence” confirmed Rwanda’s alleged plot against Wine. Why, one asks, did CMI or ISO feed him this particular line?

A simple analysis it that this supposedly provides an extra patina of credibility wherever they (CMI/ISO) do their deed and deprive another high profile Ugandan of his life. “Normally they first kill someone before trying to link that victim’s death to Rwanda, but this time they are doing it in advance!” commented an observer.

Seruga’s conclusion to his post is another dead giveaway of the bumbling, incompetent nature of Ugandan intelligence propaganda operations. “Last week a CIA report heavily linked ‘Pilato’ (Seruga’s favorite childish name-calling of the Rwandan head of state) to hundreds of murders in Uganda, and East Africa,” wrote Seruga.

No one else has heard of these “hundreds of murders”.

If they go ahead and commit another atrocity of killing another innocent Ugandan, they will only shoot themselves with this caliber of propaganda, laughed an analyst.


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