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If Kagame doesn’t fear Museveni how can he fear Nyamwasa

By Alex Muhumuza

RNC terror outfit leader, fugitive Kayumba Nyamwasa.

In an article published yesterday, Monday 24 under the title: “why Rwanda’s Kagame fears Gen. Nyamwasa”, Chimpreports repeats all the RNC’s anti-Rwanda talking points. Typical of Ugandan propaganda however, they write before fully thinking out their claims, beginning, in this case, with the claims in the headline that the Rwandan head of state “fears” Nyamwasa. How can Kagame “fear” a fugitive who ran away to hide himself?, the reader will ask. The man ran away as an investigation into his crimes was closing in on him. Those that live in South Africa where the RNC fugitive lives in hiding say he is scared of “even of his own shadow”. Reports are that he is so scared he hardly meets anyone.

Leave alone Nyamwasa however, those in the know will tell you, the Rwandan leader doesn’t fear even Nyamwasa’s patron Museveni. The record is very much obvious and does not require reminding. If Kagame doesn’t fear Museveni, how can he then fear Nyamwasa who lives off Museveni’s mentorship. So, Kagame clearly does not fear anyone, not Kayumba and certainly not Museveni, his master. Records show – there’s ample evidence for this – that Kagame is not even afraid at Kayumba and Museveni combined!

In the Chimpreports article, several claims stand out for how they convey the wishful thinking regarding where Museveni would want Rwanda to be (under his “indirect rule” through Nyamwasa). And the fantasies harbored by Nyamwasa, which the website dutifully regurgitates. These are fantasies of Nyamwasa’s supposed feats of “valor” on the battlefield; of his supposed “strategic thinking”; of his alleged “leadership characteristics”, and so on.

When it comes to the war in the nineties against the insurgency in northern Rwanda for instance, Chimpreports dredges up a favorite myth around Nyamwasa – that he played a bigger part than others in defeating it!

But the Rwandan military – which grew from a nucleus of men that were instrumental in Museveni’s wars, and in ushering him to power – has never depended on single individuals to win its wars.

This man that’s allegedly feared in Kigali, one will discover that at the height of the war against the insurgents, he nominated himself to a military course in the UK.

Basically Kayumba Nyamwasa fled the heat of the battle, though CMI’s vessels of misinformation are praising him as a “distinguished fighter”.

The Ugandan purveyors of misinformation can try to re-write Rwandan history but the facts remain that it is Museveni himself, with his weird sense of entitlement that makes him imagine that controlling Rwanda is his birthright, who started problems with Rwanda that in the long run have culminated into the current bad relations between the two states.

RNC was something hatched up in Kampala, way back when Nyamwasa still served in the Rwandan military. According to the plan, Nyamwasa supposedly would grow “the movement” internally in Rwanda – with the guardianship of Museveni and Saleh – for “regime change”. When the plot was discovered, something that led to Nyamwasa’s fleeing after he caught wind of the investigations, it was Saleh himself that received him, with other Ugandan officials, across the border.

These people were countenancing violent upheaval in Rwanda, for personal power. Selling Rwanda to outsiders wasn’t a price too big! That’s the consensus in Rwanda that the propagandists do not mention.

When Nyamwasa flew to South Africa to carry out their anti-Rwanda terrorist activities from there it was with the arrangement, and with the facilitation, of the Ugandan head of state.

It surprises few that Nyamwasa, who all along was in contact with Museveni – while still army chief of staff – would turn traitorous. He had always displayed love of money and power over anything else.

Nyamwasa’s predilections to loot were in display way back in 1986 when he was Museveni’s RDC in Gulu District in Uganda’s north. Civilians there will never forget how the man looted factory parts from the Gulu Cotton Ginnery and other machinery. Neither will they forget Nyamwasa’s incessant land-grabbing though he supposedly worked for the wananchi.

He was a very poor fit in Rwanda. His appetite wasn’t something that Rwandan society could put up with.

Analysts point at this thieving, looting traits as something Nyamwasa has in common with his patron, Museveni. For one thing Museveni is forever badly tarnished with theft of national resources “on a grand scale”. No Ugandan, until they die, can ever forget the thefts Museveni, with his young brother Saleh acting on his behalf, has perpetrated on the Ugandan taxpayer.

Some of the earliest examples are the purchase of junk choppers – meaning scrap that could not fly – for UPDF in 1989, purchased for US$ 5 million of which Saleh reputedly pocketed a US$ 800,000 cut. It was a mega scandal for which no one prosecuted Saleh – because Museveni protected him. Next it was the looting of Uganda Commercial Bank, which went defunct. Uganda Airlines wasn’t spared. Cases of land grabbing, such as that involving the Kisozi Farm – whose original owner Mr. Kiwanuka was never properly compensated – are countless.

Commentators say it is no surprise the Ugandan ruler chose to work with Nyamwasa.

They are so similar in so many ways; they are birds of a feather.

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