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How Uganda’s troll army wages war of misinformation on Rwanda

By Alex Muhumuza

The Twitter troll accounts, blogs and Facebook accounts run by Ugandan President Museveni’s communication teams – amongst them those headed by Sarah Kagingo, as well as the many managed from the headquarters of the country’s vicious Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence – are too many to count.

They are strategically poised to hurl the most deranged insults at the leadership of Rwanda – specifically President Kagame. At the slightest opportunity they are standby to shower up a tweetstorm of misinformation against Rwanda. They will lie their heads off about things they have not the slightest idea about – so long as they imagine it can hurt Kigali in some way.

One can only try to compile as many as he or she can in a single article.

But only God can manage the task of comprehensively enumerating them. @Commandpost, @SoftPowerNews, @EagleOnlineUg @TrumpetnewsUg, @greatlakespost, The Annoyer (@Miso_Operative) Chief Mazi Okunuka (@OkuMaazi) Duncan Abigaba (@DuncanAbigaba) Wakabirigi Sulah N (@WakaSulah) Ruhima Jonah (@AsantejnrRuhima) MaMo (@MaMo_) MAGEZI KIRIINJJU (@MAGEZIKIRIINJJU Seruga Titus and numerous others are weaponized to pounce on any opportunity to hurl the most rabid insults at Kigali.

“Don’t think that Kigali will open the border! Rwanda is working to destabilize Uganda so do not imagine they can open the border; they will violate the terms of the MoU,” lied Seruga Titus, a CMI/ISO tool based in Belgium where he pretends “to seek asylum”. He was referring to the Memorandum of Understanding signed Wednesday last week in Angola.

Seruga’s real work in Belgium is as a Uganda intelligence agent, primarily tasked with disseminating outrageous propaganda against Rwanda.

In the same vein of heaping blame on Rwanda for the supposed “dishonoring” of the MoU, “Softpower” blog ran the following headline this Monday 26th August: “Kagame reneges on commitment to Luanda Pact, upholds ban on Rwandans travel to Uganda.”

@watchdogug, another CMI-run troll account on 23 August 2019 had claimed: “Uganda-Rwanda border closed despite Luanda agreement”, implying Kigali was responsible for that.

These Museveni regime-sponsored social media accounts are a major negative factor in lack of progress on the impasse between their country and Rwanda. They are allergic to the truth, obviously because the truth hurts their overall boss.

Kampala is the one that completely reneged on its part of the deal, to first of all release the hundreds of Rwandans illegally detained in Ugandan prisons and intelligence agency so-called safe houses.

The Rwandans are jailed on the most spurious grounds.

CMI, whose operatives are the chief abductors of innocent Rwandan nationals, habitually accuses the Rwandans it abducts of “espionage”, which frequently changes to “illegal possession of firearms”, or “illegal entry”, or “running a kidnap ring”, and every concocted charge they can dream up.

Kigali has for a long time been asking something very simple of Kampala: kindly try the (jailed Rwandan nationals) in courts of law to give the process some transparency; do not just lock up innocent people for years!” But CMI and other Museveni regime security agents never do things through legal channels. Even when courts of law in Uganda order CMI or ISO to release people they are holding illegally, CMI or ISO contemptuously ignore the courts.

Impunity is their prerogative.

The abductions of Rwandan nationals reached a point where Kigali said enough is enough! It strongly advised its people against travel to Uganda! That travel advisory coincided with Rwanda’s restrictions against heavy commercial trucks using the Gatuna Border Post because of works on the One Stop Border Post.

That is what Ugandans call “closing the border”. Pro-Museveni trolls are pushing for Rwanda lifting the travel advisory. And for Rwanda to re-open Gatuna to heavy Ugandan commercial trucks.

The trolls are a huge part of the problem. They mislead their audiences by not telling the truth about the harassment, illegal incarcerations, and torture of innocent Rwandans at the hands of Museveni’s security agencies. They only focus on “opening the border”. They are blatant tools. They have enabled Museveni’s duplicity, to the detriment of everyone else.

The Rwandans whose rights CMI violates – even when regional laws like the EAC Common Market Freedoms of movement are supposed to protect them – is of no interest to the tools.

Secondly the Kampala propagandist accounts only exacerbate another major problem: they are mouthpieces for Kayumba Nyamwasa’s RNC – a terrorist group sworn to destabilize Rwanda obviously with the help of Museveni.

Not surprisingly all of them have been dissing Kigali supposedly for “not fulfilling” the terms of the Memorandum of Agreement. But none care to ask why Museveni, as part of the MoU deal, hasn’t begun to dismantle RNC networks in Uganda. They are corruptly in bed with Nyamwasa themselves.

They get funds from Tribert Rujugiro the RNC chief financier, to run the terror group’s propaganda in Kampala. And to amplify the misinformation of the RNC chief propagandist himself, David Himbara who stays in Canada.

The likes of Commandpost, Softpower and many others, assisted by the likes of the Chimpreports website which likes to pretend it is a “news organisation” are corrupt, undignified and a major cause of problems.

They know perfectly well RNC has major recruitment operations in Uganda. They also know perfectly well Kigali isn’t in bed with anyone whose goal is to destabilize Uganda. Also no Uganda faces the unjust treatment in Rwanda that hundreds of Rwandans have suffered in Uganda.

In fact the fellows running the most rabid anti-Rwanda propaganda such as Sulah Nuwamanya Wakabirigi are top officials of RNC in Kampala. They also take payment from CMI in a network coordinated by CMI Deputy Director in Charge of counterterrorism, Col. CK Asiimwe.

But they dare point at Rwanda claiming it is the source of trouble. Unadulterated arrogance!, exclaimed a resident of Kigali.

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