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How Kampala’s anti-Rwanda machinations led to “Kinyarwanda speakers” getting integrated in ADF

By Alex Muhumuza

The Kampala propaganda machine is desperately clinging to the lie they have tried to sell for a long time: that the ADF rebel group somehow is linked to Rwanda

Ugandan ADF rebels. Kampala has integrated into them negative Kinyarwanda-speaking elements to then try to sell the lie that “ADF has links to Rwanda.”

The latest attempt at this smear is an article titled, “An increased Kinyarwanda speaking in ADF terror bases in DRC and terrorism connection in Mozambique”, posted last Saturday on Commandonepost – one of the numerous outlets of misinformation on the payroll of Ugandan Military Intelligence (CMI). 

The Commandonepost piece, while pretending concern for Congolese victims of ADF terrorism, weaves an elaborate set of fictions that centers around the claim that there are Kinyarwanda speakers within ADF ranks, therefore Rwanda must be backing the group! 

The problem for Museveni’s propagandists however is that ADF has a well-known history as a Ugandan group. Whatever far-fetched fictions they spin, ADF will never beanything but a Ugandan group. Beyond that, ADF is a terrorist, regional destabilizing outfit that Museveni has always used for his purposes. He always pretends he isfighting them, but that has been a sham all along.  

Before getting to Museveni’s purposes for ADF, one can start with the group’s origins. 

ADF was formed in 1995 from a unification of different Islamist rebel groups, composed of the former ADM, NALU, UMLA, and other militants calling themselves Tabliq Jamaa. They converged under the leadership of one Jamil Mukulu, a pure Ugandan. They declared armed insurgency and operated for a number of years in northwestern Uganda.

Yet Museveni has never had any real interest in the demise of ADF, though he was eager to have ADF personalities arrested or captured. “It would bolster his claims of keen intention ‘to end this security threat’, while in fact that only was for show,” our source said. 

When in 2015 Jamil Mukulu was arrested in Tanzania, then extradited to Uganda, ADF went right ahead with its activities, with a new leader – Musa Seka Baluku, a Ugandan of the Bakonzo ethnicity. According to intelligence we have come across, Baluku works with a son of Mukulu as head of training and operations. 

ADF is around because Museveni in fact works with it, even as publicly he fulminates against the group. 

One of his many purposes for this rebel outfit is to use as a part of his long-term plot to destabilize Rwanda.      

With Kayumba Nyamwasa’s RNC, as well as groups such as FDLR, RUD-Urunana and others backed by Museveni inhis anti-Rwanda machinations all having been routed inCongo, Museveni was disorganized. 

Enter Philemon Mateke, formerly Uganda’s state minister for regional affairs, who was Museveni’s coordinator of anti-Rwanda activities. 

Together with his boss they hit on the idea to turn the ADF into a new anti-Rwanda proxy, in a continuation of his plans of asymmetrical warfare through terrorism. 

To repurpose the ADF in this way they proceeded to beef it with the Kinyarwanda-speaking, anti-Rwanda negative groups. 

Mateke has all along been the de-facto godfather in Ugandaof offshoot groups of the forces that perpetrated genocide in Rwanda in 1994, of which FDLR and RUD-Urunana are most prominent. He had a central role as a go-between RNC, FDLR, or RUD-Urunana to harmonize their plans of violent insurgency against Kigali, until their fighters in eastern Congo were routed, and their bases pulverized – though elements of FDLR and RUD remained there, lurking in the jungles. 

Those that ran to hide in Uganda later regrouped with the help of CMI, and with Mateke, always acting on his boss’s orders.

Mateke then worked to integrate the defeated RUD-Urunana and FDLR fighters into ADF. This was part of his new role to mobilize all these negative groups of Kinyarwanda speakers in DRC – the FDLR and RUD elements still there, as well as members of theBanyabwisha ethnicity of eastern DRC.

These are the Kinyarwanda-speaking members of ADF that CMI propagandists are basing on, to push the lie that it has links with Rwanda.

“That is Museveni, always creating instability in the region then telling lies like a small schoolboy to avoid responsibility,” laughed a journalist of long experience in Kampala. “He is always creating, or sponsoring groups to cause, or to provoke instability for others and it is the same with ADF.”

Security analysts remark that by re-enforcing ADF and beefing it up with these rogue Kinyarwanda-speakinggroups, this will only end up as a double-edged sword forMuseveni. “It may end up causing a lot of regret for him,” said one.

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