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French version of genocide revisionist Judi Rever’s book comes as life becomes harder for fugitives

By Jean Gatera

Judi Rever: her genocide revisionist work has made her a darling of Interahamwe.

A French publishing house, Max Milo éditions, has announced that it is going to publish a French language translation of “In Praise of Blood”, a book by Judi Rever the Canadian journalist that has sealed her credentials as “one of the world’s leading revisionists of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.” Rever’s work – denounced by such respected researchers of the Genocide as Linda Melvern as “an integral part of a network of lies that has been working tirelessly to try to tie culpability upon the RPF” – is of the genre that peddles the “double genocide” theory.

“The double genocide theory having long been exposed as a hoax, the decision by Max Milo to go ahead with publishing Rever’s book reveals how powerful in the West certain deniers of the Genocide against the Tutsi are,” a Kigali-based researcher remarked. “The truth matters far less than dissemination of the ideology,” he remarked.

Rever’s book has suffered much rejection, “but never underestimate the strength of the coalitions of deniers; sooner or later a third-party publisher would be found,” said a Diaspora source. Canadian Rever, for instance, mounted what was seen as a harassment campaign against publishers that refused to print the translated text of “In Praise of Blood”, a book whose English print-run she self-published. In May 2019, Rever sent out a series of angry tweets announcing that she would sue one France-based publishing house, Fayard, for its refusal to have anything to do with her.

According to renowned genocide scholar Tom Ndahiro, the decision such as Max Milo’s to publish the revisionist book means the publishing house “is just part of a lobby in support of genocidaires, and clearly against Rwanda. No person under the sun can find sense in Judi Rever’s book unless you are pro-Interahamwe!”

Rever herself makes no secret of her revisionism. On a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation radio show on April 2018, she casually said: “Am I a revisionist? I guess I am” as she pushed her claims that the killings in Rwanda in 1994 were “bidirectional”.

One of the most dismaying things, according to researchers that strive to show the world the real facts, is how the blatant trivialization of the Genocide against the Tutsi is tolerated. “When someone like Rever, with no academic credentials whatsoever and without a shred of evidence, writes about a ‘double genocide’, she is not prosecuted for Genocide denial. That has to change!” many have implored.

Recently, however – to the shock of the likes of Rever – bilateral relations between Rwanda and France are showing “signs of real improvement.” French President Emmanuel Macron congratulated Rwanda on its 26th Liberation anniversary on the 4th of this month and promised cooperation in bringing to justice genocide fugitives sheltering in France. In May this year the world of the genocide fugitives “narrowed” (in the words of Melvern) when Felicien Kabuga was arrested outside Paris.

“These last few days have been brutal for the genocidaires and their allies, and matters will only get worse for them. Ultimately even people like the Revers will end up losers,” said our Diaspora source.

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