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Former FDU-Inkingi big fish Ndagijimana throws in the towel, quits terror activities

By Moses Gisa

Benoit Ndagijimana, former secretary-general of Victoire Ingabire (left)’s FDU-Inkingi quit involvement in terror activities against Rwanda.

Benoit Ndagijimana the former secretary general of Victoire Ingabire’s FDU-Inkingi recently announced he had quit involvement in terror activities against Rwanda, and that he had decided to settle back home. Ndagijimana was an active member of the terrorist group since 2007, serving as deputy secretary-general, then secretary-general of the terrorist outfit.

Ndagijimana hailed the Rwandan government for its welcoming policy through which he saw his way back home peacefully confident that he would be safe “as opposed to all the rumors always been published in biased media outlets”. He said: “I commend the current leadership for transforming the country and its all-inclusive policies! All citizens take part in the development activities of the country without any discrimination, a total contrast to how previous regimes used to handle affairs.”

During his time in FDU-Inkingi, Ndagijimana pushed the group’s anti-Rwanda agenda through mobilization campaigns, which raised funds across Europe to support what they (from Victoire Ingabire downwards) termed as “the noble cause to liberate Rwanda.” That’s what they always “brainwash their followers with,” an expert on terrorist groups remarked.

The funds they raised would be later used to reinforce their illegal armed groups operating in the Congolese jungles with the goal to destabilize the security of Rwanda. Ndagijimana said he regrets the time and energy wasted behind what he now calls a lost cause. “My exit was, ultimately, good riddance to bad rubbish! I regret having spent all these years away from home pushing this selfish, dangerous agenda, and we were deceived by people who put selfish interests before those of the public,” Ndagijimana said.

He urges all his former henchmen in FDU-Inkingi, as well as members of other anti-Rwanda terrorist groups to denounce divisive politics, and ignore all the false rumors about Rwanda being peddled by biased medias. “I have myself seen how so many of those reports are politically motivated, and have nothing to do with the reality on the ground,” the former terrorist remarked. “I and many others have been victims of this foul play, I advise them to visit too; they will see a totally different Rwanda from what is being portrayed in the foreign media.”

Victoire Ingabire has since abandoned FDU-Inkingi to opportunistically set up a “new”, but similar group: “DALFA-Umurinzi.”

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