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For cash there is very little that RNC’s Robert Higiro wouldn’t do, sources

Robert Rutoma

Robert Higiro of RNC. He chose the path of treason against his country.

As a high-ranking military official of Rwanda National Congress, Robert Higiro has been a frequent guest at every imaginable talk show to throw mud at Rwanda and her leadership. So it wasn’t surprising when on May 20, 2015, Higiro appeared alongside David Himbara – known to one and all as the chief propagandist of RNC – before the US Foreign Affairs subcommittee on Africa where he testified about alleged human rights violations by the Government of Rwanda.

As it turned out, the whole thing was a concoction by the RNC propaganda machine, and Higiro’s presence on the whole shameful episode just served as testimony to human greed in general. The “two Hs” (Himbara and Higiro) have been made who they are by the RPF struggle. The collective struggle of Rwandans enabled them to come back home to Rwanda. They then enjoyed privileges they never would have without the sacrifice of so many; privileges that very few other Rwandans ever realized.

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Nevertheless because of their petulance at “not being treated like kings”, now they have devoted their lives to tearing down the achievements of a united Rwanda.

The event in the US Senate was a result of intensive political lobbying funded by Tribert Rujugiro to tarnish the image of Rwanda before the US. But they forgot that the affairs of Rwandans are determined in Rwanda – not tens of thousands of kilometers away, on the Potomac.

Treason is a cardinal crime – bad when a civilian commits it; worse when it is a member of the armed forces, such as Higiro.

Robert Higiro has placed himself at the center by handing out doctored audio recordings and other so-called “evidence” to the Globe and Mail newspaper – a Canada-based publication whose Africa correspondents are always trying to make a name for themselves through outdoing anyone else in publishing negativist articles on Rwanda. The doctored audio was used in Globe and Mail supposed “investigations” into alleged “Rwandan government’s involvement in attacks and planned attacks on exiled Rwandan dissidents around the world.”

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According to diaspora sources, the Kabarore-born Higiro seems “tailor-made for such backstabbing activities.” What remains to be found out is how much Himbara paid him to trash the very government that made him who he is, or what he earned from doctoring alleged evidence against Rwanda for use by the Globe and Mail.

Those that know Higiro, born 50 years ago in Kabarore District, Uganda, are certain of one thing: for cash, there is very little that Higiro would not do.

Funded by the notorious, tax-evading businessman and supporter of terrorism, Tribert Rujugiro, Higiro has been hoping from media house to another, especially those with a known anti-Rwanda agenda such as VoA’s Shaka Ssali, and on a host of online radios patronized by known genocidaires and genocide deniers.

Higiro at first seemed like any patriotic Rwandan and as a young man answered the call to join the struggle to liberate Rwanda, in 1990. He then spent most of his post struggle service working as an army instructor at the different Rwanda Defense Force (RDF) bases: Gabiro, Gako, and Nyakinama Training Wings.

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However, a former colleague in the RDF has told this website, Maj. Robert Higiro’s service in the RDF was characterized by an increasingly turbulent journey, with clashes and quarrels, seemingly unprovoked, with colleagues. “This resulted from him being perpetually disgruntled, and from his undisciplined ways of seeking solutions to his perceived problems,” our source said.

Until his retirement from the army, in 2010, Robert Higiro had the rank of Major, but according to those who worked with him, he was always complaining – and raising his grievances in an unprofessional manner – that “the rank of Major was not commensurate with his academic and professional credentials.” The colleague told this website that Higiro had a superiority complex that led him to regard even his superiors with contempt.

This website is reliably informed that a few years into his army retirement is when Maj. Higiro embarked on his treasonous journey. He first fled to Uganda, then to Senegal, and later moved to Belgium in 2014. After a couple of years there he moved to the US, in 2016. It was upon commencing life in exile that he linked up with elements like David Himbara, Jean Marie Micombero and Emmanuel Nkubana who further initiated him into anti-Rwanda enemy action.

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Higiro now is among the top operators of the anti-Rwanda agenda as an important member of RNC that draws its most important support from the regime in Kampala.

In fact currently Robert Higiro is in Kampala where he resides in Ggaba, a suburb of the Ugandan capital. The house where he lives is paid for, and protected by Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI).

He is also among the coordinators of “Democracy in Rwanda Now (DIRN)”, a subversive NGO created by Himbara, whose mission is to manipulate global opinion against the Rwandan administration.

“One can only feel pity for these fellows that could have been useful members of their society but chose to waste their lives into futile ventures instead,” our source the former friend of Higiro commented.

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