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For anti-Rwanda campaigners, another cynical tactic is exploitation of even the mentally sick

By Jean Gatera

After Ugandan security agencies tortured Rwandan children, Rwanda’s education system took them in

Every sympathetic human being knows that when you look, and listen to individuals like Aimable Karasira of Sekikubo Barafinda Fred, you feel sympathy. Mental illness is one of the most dreaded conditions anyone can think of. People like Barafinda and Karasira deserve special sympathy. But the groups that spend time digging up any dirt to smear Rwanda have no empathy for anyone. They will fully exploit the utterances of even the most mentally unwell people for their political purposes.

This website invites the reader to do a YouTube search for instance: type in: “Sekikubo Barafinda Fred yemereye Royal TV ko yabaye mu kigo kivura indwara zo mu mutwe i Ndera (Sekikubo admits to Royal TV he was an inmate of Ndera mental health hospital). For those that speak Kinyarwanda, the four and a half minute video – posted by Royal TV on 13 June 2017 – will leave one under no doubt this man is not well at all. His utterances only provoke pity. Yet this is the very fellow that the propagandists have been propping up as “a great opposition politician that ‘Kigali is fighting!’”

In the case of Aimable Karasira, the man is well known in Rwandan society as someone that’s not in full possession of his mental faculties. The man will be seen drinking himself into a highly intoxicated state, in his own videos, then say absolutely anything that crosses his zonked mind. “It is like a tongue that has lost its brake,” said one woman who has seen several of the man’s videos.

To the mudslingers, these two men are a godsend. The propagandists for instance are seen regularly issuing missing person reports on social media. They (propagandists) are determined to construct a “missing person” any time one of the mentally unwell fellows goes missing. And of course, they will be pointing a finger at the Rwandan Government as “the culprit.”

On the Seventh this month, Aimable Karasira was the subject of yet another false “missing person” campaign. Members of terrorist groups like Kayumba Nyamwasa’s RNC, such as Kayumba Rugema, or genocide negationist, anti-Rwanda propagandists like Charles Kambanda, as well as others like Ruhumuriza Mbonyumutwa of Jambo ASBL – a Europe-based online organization dedicated to the dissemination of the genocide ideology – began a social media rumor that Karasira “had been abducted, and secretly jailed in Rwanda.” They were joined by Judy Rever, a Canadian dedicated to disseminating the deranged lie that “the RPF is responsible for genocide.”

But when Karasira reappeared on social media, on Wednesday this week, the propagandists just went silent. As they always do.

Karasira, by his own admission, is a troubled soul who vanishes from time to time.

He has said, “I suffer from deep depression and I have not found a doctor for it”, explaining why he sometimes decides to go offline and out of sight.

A social media analyst explained why the propagandists closely monitor Karasira.

“He is quite literally a useful madman,” the analyst said. “Also, Karasira is an attention seeker, always willing to produce outrageous content. They exploit his mental state and breakdowns just as they do with Barafinda.”

Ironically, it was Barafinda, released one week ago (once again after another stay in Ndera psychiatric care facility) who managed to get Karasira out and about on social media. “When Barafinda announced that Karasira was wanted for an injection by the psychiatric care center who had released him from Ndera, it caught Karasira’s attention.

“Karasira immediately went to interview him,” sources familiar with the situation told us.

So, for the moment Rwanda government is off the hook, laughed an observer. “Karasira and Barafinda are in public view, so there is ‘proof Kigali has not abducted and murdered them.”

But just wait next week, or some other time when Barafinda does one of his vanishing acts, and listen as the shameless liars shout “murder”, “abduction”, or any of their familiar accusations, said the observer.

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