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FLN terror outfit disintegrates in a row over fund embezzlement, and internal wrangles

By Fred Gashema

Anti-Rwanda terror group MRCD-Ubumwe’s Faustin Twagiramungu and his armed wing FLN’s Col Alex Rusanganwa alias Guado (left) are up for the establishment of a breakaway faction.

The feuds in the Paul Rusesabagina’s terror outfit National Liberation Front (FLN) have reached a boiling point as the terrorist group deputy head of military operation “Col” Alex Rusanganwa alias Guado defected to form his own breakaway group with Faustin Twagiramungu “Rukokoma” as his direct “Commander-In-Chief.”

Rusanganwa is infamously known for having led and coordinated the Nyungwe attacks – in Nyabimata and Nyamagabe respectively in June and December 2018 – that claimed the lives of nine unarmed innocent civilians in total, with assailants looting citizens’ properties and burning down vehicles among other atrocities.

According to knowledgeable sources, one of the reasons behind Rusanganwa’s defection is US$ 150,000 that overseas-based FLN supporters wired in 2018 to facilitate the terror outfit’s activities; but the money vanished in the pockets of the terror group’s head of military operations “Brig. Gen” Antoine Hakizimana, alias Jeva. Jeva used to represent CNRD-Ubwiyunge in the Brussels-based coalition of terrorist group MRCD-Ubumwe formerly led by terror suspect Rusesabagina.

“The money had been raised by Rusesabagina and fellows from MRCD-Ubumwe, of which FLN is the armed wing, as a budget to facilitate the terror outfit operations aimed at overthrowing the leadership of Rwanda through subversive activities on Rwandan territory,” a source familiar with the workings of the terror group said.

However, Rwanda’ security organs were very successful in neutralizing FLN’s terror attacks, and arrested some of its top leaders that include Callixte Nsabimana and Herman Nsengimana – the group’s former publicists and the overall commander-in-Chief Rusesabagina. According to reliable sources, an audit by the terror coalition on 12, June 2020 ascertained that all the funds were embezzled by, notably, “Gen.” Jeva of CNRD-Ubwiyunge, which oversaw FLN rebel fighters. Subsequently CNRD was expelled from the coalition.

Reliable sources explain that Rusanganwa, who had had differences with his former boss Jeva, was very mad at the latter over the embezzled funds though he (Rusanganwa) had led and coordinated the Nyungwe attacks but got no “incentive” in return. This pushed the man to defect and form his own breakaway terror outfit that he leads under direct orders of the Brussels-based Twagiramungu.

“MRCD vice president and spokesperson, Twagiramungu played a major role in the defection of Rusanganwa as part of the plan to recruit him to the breakaway army into MRCD so that the coalition gains an armed wing that it currently doesn’t have,” our source revealed. “Consequently, Rusanganwa is now openly reporting to Twagiramungu and not to Jeva as he previously used to,” revealed the source.

According to security observers, “the current disarray within FLN remnants is undoubtedly another sign that the terror outfit is on its last legs. Last year its top commanders were arrested, and hundreds of the their fighters shot or captured by the Congolese military, FARDC, with many repatriated to Rwanda to face justice for their crimes.”

FLN’s disintegration came at the time members of other overseas-based anti-Rwanda terrorist groups mainly RNC, FDLR, RUD-Urunana, and CFCR-Invejuru are incessantly turning against each other over what they openly describe as divisionism, betrayal and greed among others.

In the ongoing court trial of Paul Rusesabagina on terrorism charges, his case will be heard together with all his henchmen of FLN that are serving prison time for their crimes. 

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