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FLN leader ‘Brig General’ Hakizimana tries to incite peaceful Rwandans into insurrection

By Fred Gashema & Joan Karera 

Jeva of FLN incites insurrection. He too will find himself in Rwanda facing justice.

“Brig. Gen” Antoine Hakizimana, alias Jeva, the head of military operations of Paul Rusesabagina’s FLN (Front de Liberation National) terrorist outfit has been caught in yet another criminal act, inciting Rwandans from across the country to revolt against their elected leadership. He was speaking in interview published on September 17 by Jambonews.net – a hostile anti-Rwanda website which is run by European-based offspring of perpetrators of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

Hakizimana who claimed to be speaking from Nyamagabe District, Southern Province, sanctified all FLN terror activities and accused the Government of Rwanda of “carrying terror activities on Rwanda’s territory and abroad,” as well as “advancing self-interests” through various policies. The incendiary interview cited “high taxes”, the community-based health insurance scheme (Mutuelle de Santé), among others, in trying to incite Rwandans to insurrection.

“Some will die, but others will win,” he proclaimed. However Rwandan social media users derided Jeva’s assertions. “FLN and other anti-Rwanda terror groups are worth no attention at all. We do not care, even one Callixte Nsabimana, the former FLN mouthpiece used to make noise that he speaks from Rwanda and he ended up arrested from a foreign country to face justice,” commented a Facebook account.

Hakizimana “Jeva” also alleged that the Rwandan Government “kidnaps its critics”, claiming as an example his wife and two children. The truth, however, is that his family is part of  Rwandans who were repatriated to Rwanda last year by the Congolese army. According to observers, Hakizimana was attempting to smear Rwanda, adding, “He should instead be grateful that Rwanda warmly welcomed and facilitated the re-integration of his family members into Rwandan society. They were living a very miserable life in the jungle in Congo!”

“In a testimony shared by Christine Ingabire, a 19 years-old girl, almost the same age as Jeva’s daughter, highlighted how life in the jungle was unbearable. She said she was in charge of manning a heavy four-barrelled machine gun, and that she had to always move with a Kalashnikov. “The young girls were turned into the men officers’ ‘wives’ and we were given pills so that they couldn’t get pregnant!” she testified almost in tears. Child defilement is a rampant crime by groups like FLN, FDLR, and others.

“Birds of the same feather flock together”, an observer pointed out while commenting on the reason Jambonews.net gave a platform to the military leader of a group that responsible for terror attacks that claimed lives of unarmed and innocent civilians in Southern and Western parts of Rwanda “Jambo asbl has always proven to be committed to siding with anti-Rwanda groups aimed at destabilizing and throwing mud at Rwanda,” said the observer.

In July 2014, Placide Kayumba co-founder and then president the organization went all the way to DR Congo to conduct an interview with Gaston Iyamuremye, alias Victor Byiringiro, leader of FDLR- remnants of the perpetrators of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi. It is hence not surprising to see them giving another interview to another anti-Rwanda terror group.

But like Rusesabagina was arrested over terrorism, arson and murder among 13 charges remanded in custody for 30 days these other fellows too will find themselves in Kigali, facing justice, commented our source.   

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