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Dissidents in Uganda hatch plan to smear Rwanda

A scheme hatched by Ugandan intelligence circles targeting a section of ex-Rwandan soldiers to allege persecution, kidnapping and espionage has come to light.

The plot seen by this website seeks to recruit ordinary Ugandans of Rwanda origin with greater emphasis on ex-combatants to fake allegations of human rights violations in an effort to discredit Kigali.

A highly placed source in Uganda’s intelligence circles says, the well-crafted scheme seeks to achieve two goals; portray Rwanda as a hostile nation that has infiltrated Uganda and use Rwandans to amplify allegations on human rights violations to capture the attention of different rights groups.

“The strategy is to portray Uganda as a country infiltrated by Rwanda and accuse Kigali of conniving with sections within the Uganda Police Force to either kidnap or arrest dissidents,” the source told this website.

In what seems as a kick off of this campaign, RNC’s Rugema Kayumba has re-located from his asylum home in Norway, where he coordinates renegade Kayumba Nyamwasa operations to pitch camp in Kampala where he’s a special guest of the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) to coordinate this exercise.

The postings on Rugema’a Facebook page confirm possible links to this scheme—aimed at making possible noise and using all platforms to push a narrative around issues of persecution. For example on Saturday 18th November, he posted on his page that “more Rwandan assassins in Kampala—fellow refugees be on the alert. Mission is to paint Kampala with your blood;”

A day after, on Sunday 19th November, Rugema again wrote on his wall “ Babicanyi ba leta yu Rwanda Kampala babuze ukobamira Mutsinzi Ceasar” – loosely translated as “Rwandan backed assassins in Kampala failed to kill Mutsinzi Ceasar.”

Sources say the little-known Rugema and other RNC fugitives are operating freely in Kampala despite repeated engagements from Kigali showing their sinister intentions. This website was informed that these fugitives are quests of Uganda’s intelligence body, Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) with close supervision of the newly rehabilitated Minister of Security Lt. Gen Tumukunde who reports directly to President Museveni and hos brother Gen. Salim Saleh.

Rugema, a Corporal who deserted from RDF is married to a Muhima lady called Peace Rugema and is engaged into food business in Kampala. Rugema is facilitated or works closely with one, Corporal AbdulKarim Mulindwa a.k.a Mukombozi a CMI operative (RA 189654) with close ties to the office of Col. Abel Kandiho, the head of CMI.

Sources say, CMI operatives have linked Rugema to a top human rights lawyer based in Kampala to finalise the dossier on human rights violations and present it to HRW and UNCHR.

Rugema recently wrote an open letter to Uganda’s President and First alleging all sorts of human rights allegation in a clear move aimed at promoting this narrative against Rwanda.

Security analysts say the plot is largely intended to bring serious rift between Kamapla and Kigali. Already active presence of RNC operatives in Kampala has not gone down well with Kigali.

A few months ago, reports emerged that two RNC fugitives Maj. (rtd) Habib Mudathir and Capt (rtd) Sibo Charles escaped from Rhino refugee camp in Arua run by UNHCR. It is reported that the escape was facilitated by CMI operatives that recruited them in the ranks of RNC.

The two are now charged with setting up a new training base for RNC in the west Nile region, along the shared borderlines of DRC, S. Sudan and Uganda. This new base comes to complement the one already established in Minebwe S.Kivu .

Credible information from intelligence sources say the two renegade ex-soldiers (Habib and Sibo) are trying but with limited success to mobilize retired RDF officers inside Rwanda, hoping to have them in the West Nile camp

Other dissidents who left Arua camp for Minembwe include, Kanyemera claude Ruhinda Bosco, Karemera Alex and a one Butare

It should be recalled that Capt (Rtd) Sibo was at one time detained inside Uganda for allegedly destabilizing DRC from Uganda He was later one released, and mobilized by current chief of CMI to join RNC

Seen as unusual, intelligence sources in Uganda have also questioned the reason behind French Soldiers training a brigade of UPDF soldiers on mountain warfare in the Rwenzori Mountains.

Efforts to get a comment from Kigali on these issues were futile. However, this website will continue to follow up these issues and keep updating our readers.

Source: The Nairobian

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