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Panic as dissidents plot in Uganda falls apart

In what looks like a desperate attempt to spread malicious lies and portray Rwanda as a “hostile state,” Rwandan fugitives in Uganda have embarked on fabricating stories and planting them in sections of Uganda’s online media.

Early this week, a Nairobi based website exposed the plan to fake kidnap and persecution allegedly committed by Kigali on Rwandan refugees inside Uganda with the aim of drawing attention of rights group and portraying Rwanda as hostile

Two days after the Nairobian story, the scheme is unfolding with a Ugandan based online website, Chimpreports becoming the messenger

In what looked like a planted story, the website reported on Tuesday that some Rwandan refugees were due to petition Uganda’s parliament claiming persecution from Kigali. However, some observers wondered how refugees who have no voting powers would petition parliament instead of UNCHR.

A day after, the same website claimed that the refuges meant to petition Uganda’s Parliament were ‘attacked” on the evening before their act in a Kampala suburb called Ntinda. The same story claimed police intervened and rescued the refugees and that the attackers fled off upon seeing Police.

However, observers say the story leaves more questions than answers. For example, they question the following; “how can criminals escape upon arrival of police and no single shot is fired or effort to hunt them down? Ntinda being a busy suburb of Uganda, why are there no witness accounts to confirm the incident or mention registration numbers of vehicles/motorcycles the alleged criminals used? A story of attempted kidnap involving rescue by Police is a big story by any measure, why didn’t any mainstream Kampala media pick it up?

“This is work of intelligence circles in Kampala,” said a security operative in Kampala. “Its part of the smear campaign aimed at throwing mud on Rwanda.”

The story that run early this week in the Nairobian revealed of a plot orchestrated by Ugandan intelligence circles targeting ex-Rwandan soldiers to allege “persecution, kidnapping and espionage” in a bid to paint Rwanda as an “aggressive” state.

The story singled out one, Rugema Kayumba a mobiliser for Kayumba Nyamwasa’s RNC as promoter of the scheme supported by high security and intelligence operatives from CMI in Kampala.

Rugema, recently relocated from Norway to Uganda to lead this scheme that involves planting lies and getting the attention of human rights groups like HRW and UNHCR to discredit Rwanda.

Rugema  is working with another fugitive Sande Charles aka Mugisha Robert RNC coordinator in Uganda. It is reported that two have been given escorts from CMI

When the so-called refugees failed to deliver their petition to Uganda’s parliament on Wednesday, Rugema Kayumba lamented on his facebook page “Rwanda refugees were to present their petition to Uganda parliament and Kigali attacked them before they appeared.”

Surprisingly, it’s the same allegations that were carried in Chimpreports story confirming further that this scheme exists and involves planting stories in different online tabloids.

The Nairobian quoted highly placed source in Uganda’s intelligence circles saying that the well-crafted scheme seeks to achieve two goals; portray Rwanda as a hostile nation that has infiltrated Uganda and use Rwandans to amplify allegations on human rights violations to capture the attention of different rights groups.

The Nairobian reported last week that Rugema, a Corporal who deserted from RDF is married to a Muhima lady called Peace Rugema who is engaged cattle trade in Kampala.

Rugema is facilitated or works closely with one, Corporal AbdulKarim Mulindwa a.k.a Mukombozi a CMI operative (RA 189654) with close ties to the office of Brig. Abel Kandiho, the head of CMI.

Sources say, CMI operatives have linked Rugema to a top human rights lawyer based in Kampala to finalise the dossier on human rights violations and present it to HRW and UNCHR.

Rugema recently wrote an open letter to Uganda’s President and First alleging all sorts of human rights allegation in a clear move aimed at promoting this narrative against Rwanda.

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