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FDLR murderous purges: “Gen.” Ntawunguka’s hit list leaks

By Moses Gisa

L-R: FDLR/FOCA’s Chief of Staff Gen Pacifique Ntawunguka ‘Omega’, FDLR ‘President’ Lt. Gen.” Iyamuremye Gaston alias Rumuri’s feud has reached boiling point, with more targetted for purges. The dead include Gen Venuste Nsengiyunva ‘Secyugu’ (right).

The purges in the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda- FDLR – have reached boiling point as the terror group’s army wing, Abacunguzi Fighting Forces-FOCA, Chief of Staff Gen Pacifique Ntawunguka alias ‘Omega’ continues to eliminate rivals.

According to impeccable sources who spoke on condition of anonymity, many senior officers have been placed on Gen Ntawunguka’s radar for assassination. The leaked hit list consists of eleven senior officers: “Brig. Gen.” Jean Baptiste, alias Stany, “Brig. Gen.” Karume, “Brig. Gen.” Mutunzi Manzi, “Col.” Nyembo Kimenyi, “Col.” Ndekwe, “Maj.” Bizabishaka, and “Capt.” Kabasha, among others, our source disclosed.

All the targeted men were loyalists of Omega’s deceased predecessor Ex FAR Gen. Sylvestre Ntawunguka who was killed in a hail of gunfire in DRC in September last year.

According to reliable sources within the FDR camp in Rutshuru, the ongoing killing spree in the genocidal outfit is part of a purge by “Gen.” Ntawunguka of high-ranking FDLR officials hailing from Southern Province, also known as ‘Nduga’.

It is understood that Ntawunguka mounted the purge after learning of an impending coup against him that was hatched by FDLR president, “Lt. Gen.” Iyamuremye Gaston, alias Rumuri.

In light of the ongoing purge, “Col.” Blaise Asifiwe recently survived an assassination attempt, and his whereabouts remain unknown to date.

Asifiwe has also been on Ntawunguka’s radar together with “Gen.” Venuste Nsengiyunva, alias Gabral Secyugu, who had just been appointed head of military operations (G3), and “Gen” Vedaste Hatanguramye aka ‘Kalebu’, who served FDLR’s head of military court. The duo was killed on orders sanctioned by Gen Ntawunguka in his agenda to eliminate the top contenders for his position.

This website understands that Rumuri “is not satisfied” with Omega’s performance given the recent routs the terror group has suffered. “Our leader thinks Ntawunguka, ‘Omega’, has failed to lead the army; he wants to reshuffle the chief of staff position and believes appointing another chief of staff will sort out the differences and bring unity amongst the fighters, hence delivering better than Ntawunguka’s leadership”, an FDLR terrorist was heard to remark. 

The power struggles and internal wrangles roiling the genocidal group signal its impending demise, according to analysts.

According to security observers, the factional infighting is not a new thing in the FDRL. “After being defeated by the RPF, the terror group fled and regrouped in the DRC. But sectarianism in the group took center stage. The northerners, the Ruhengeri-Gisenyi axis consolidated power at the expense of the southerners”. The disagreements culminated into breakaway factions like FLN of Paul Rusesabagina and RUD-Urunana of “Col.” Emmanuel Rugema who was recently killed in DRC. There have always been antagonisms in the leadership of the FDLR.”

The latest news coming from Rutshuru indicates that fear has gripped the entire FDLR camp. None feels safe, be it the leaders or the fighters.

“Everyone feels they are on a death list!” said our source.

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