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FDLR in limbo as another of its top “general”, Secyugu is gunned down

By Moses Gisa

Deceased FDLR “General” Venuste Nsengiyunva ‘Secyugu’ (left). He was killed in an ongoing purge of none “northerners” by his boss “Gen” Pacifique Natwunguka ‘Omega’

Anti-Rwanda terrorist group FDLR has lost another of its top “Generals”, Venuste Nsengiyunva, alias Gabral Secyugu, who was in charge of its military operations (G3). Secyugu was gunned down on 23 this month in Tongo area within Rutshuru territory in the Northern Kivu.

According to reliable sources from Rutshuru where FDLR is headquartered, Secyugu was shot dead by his escort on orders of “Gen.” Pacifique Ntawunguka alias ‘Omega’ – FDRL/FOCA’s chief of staff. The source further disclosed that Ntawunguka has mounted a purge to eliminate rivals for his position, especially close allies of his predecessor, the deceased “Gen” Sylvestre Mudacumura that was killed in a military operation in DRC last year.

Reports show that since Mudacumura’s death, the genocidal outfit has been engulfed by power struggles, betrayal, accusations and counteraccusations which have left it very divided.

Prior to Secyugu’s death, a week ago another FDLR general Vedaste Hatanguramye aka ‘Kalebu’ was shot and killed in what’s reported as fierce power struggles within the Hutu extremist group. He died in the same circumstances as Secyugu, according to sources.

The slain terrorist played a key role in the indoctrination of fighters and recruits, given his experience as a military school graduate.

“Secyugu’s death leaves a big gap in FDLR,” analysts say. “His death is indeed a heavy blow to the terror outfit’s capacity building and training department,” the sources add.

As a military school graduate, Secyugu spearheaded the indoctrination of young combatants and developed syllabi on FDLR’s core mission of ethnic based hatred, a security observer commented on Twitter. It is also reported that Secyugu was charged with designing the training manuals for both fresh recruits and senior combatants’ courses.

“It is a measure of how far into disintegration FDLR is that ‘Omega’ can purge such a person, given the significant gap his death will leave,” security analysts say.

Rwanda Tribune, a local online news outlet’s correspondent in Rutshuru, confirmed fierce, factionalist tensions in the terror group whereby those that hail from Byumba, i.e. of the northern region are pitted against the “southerners”; the Nduga faction. The latter are being purged by “Gen.” Ntawunguka (Omega) who feels “leadership is only for the Bakiga!”

The factional infighting has been ongoing for a long time in FDLR and it is the factor that caused groups such as FLN and RUD-Urunana to break away. The factionalism pitted close allies of “Gen.” Mudacumura against the current FDLR president, “Lt. Gen.” Iyamuremye Gaston alias Rumuri.

Iyamuremye and Ntawunguka’s feuds reached a breaking point when the latter learnt of a planned coup, to dethrone him as FDLR/FOCA’s chief of staff. 

This website understands that FDLR has also been struck by financial crisis after losing many of its territories to the Congolese forces. “It has now become extremely difficult to raise funds for sustaining its operations, another factor exacerbating the power struggles as they fight for dwindling resources,” added our source.

The current rapprochement between Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo-DRC ultimately has led to the disintegration of the terror group, observers comment.

So far the Kinshasa leadership has repatriated over 10,000 terrorist combatants and their dependents to Rwanda and operations are underway to smoke out the remnants from Congolese territories.

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