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Fate of 43 RNC Recruits hangs in balance as Dr. Ruvuma is released

Uncertainty looms on fate of 43 RNC recruits detained in Uganda as their sponsor, CMI works behind-the-scenes to have them released for fear of incriminating evidence that could be presented in the courts once the trial commences.

Evidence from both security and media reports point to the fact that Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) under the command of Abel Kandiho is working tooth-and-nail to block the trial of the suspects detained by Uganda’s Police enroute for rebel recruitment in Minembwe DRC via Bujumbura.

Media reports confirmed that the recruits had been mobilized by CMI and given fake Ugandan travel documents to enable them cross Kikagati border.

However, ever since their detention, CMI has embarked on a campaign of planting stories in sections on Uganda’s media aimed at portraying the recruits as innocent Rwandans detained for going on an “evangelical pilgrimage” to Burundi when none of them has anything to do with religious business.

Also, observers and legal experts question why a group of 43 young Rwandan men would be travelling on Uganda’s travel documents as if they were bona fide Ugandan citizens. They also question why CMI is so keen to help these Rwandans to escape justice when there’s overwhelming evidence that indeed these recruits were on the way to join RNC’s armed rebel group whose sole mission is to terrorize Rwanda.

On December 27th Uganda Police confirmed through a statement that indeed the detained cohort are culpable of more serious offences than forgery of travelling documents but also terrorism.

Not surprising, the RNC recruits were facilitated by CMI to hire a lawyer to plead for their release on the basis that police intercepted them on their way for an evangelical mission in Burundi.

CMI subsequently also planted stories in sections of Uganda media as part of the campaign aimed at piling pressure to have these cases dropped and not sent for prosecution. The stories are also aimed at diverting public attention in Uganda from the damning facts that have started to leak to the public about CMI’s involvement in recruiting rebels to destabilize their neighbor.

A security source in Uganda confirmed to this website that indeed ever since the case was adjourned to mid January 2018, more pressure is being exerted on the prosecution and any other relevant organ to lose appetite in the case for fear of incriminating evidence that might come before the courts.

“You saw what happened with Dr. Sam Ruvuma. They released him despite having damning evidence that he was behind the recruitment of these boys,” the source in Uganda lamented. “Dr Sam Ruvuma is now at home in Mbarara due to CMI’s involvement in his release,” the source said.

Credible information obtained by this website confirmed that Ruvuma was one of five people who recruited and escorted the 43 RNC fugitives to the border where they were intercepted.

The others are Geoffrey Musoni, a deserter from Rwanda Defense Forces (RDF) who currently resides in Mukono, Moses Bijura who lives in Ntungamo. Charles Sande alias Robert Mugisha, and Felix Mwizerwa are at large in Uganda and still recruiting for RNC.

Other RNC recruiters include Rugema Kayuma who also coordinates all RNC operations in Uganda under the protection of CMI, Corporal Abdu Karim Mulindwa alias Mukombozi, Felix Mwizerwa and Sande Robert all still at large in Uganda.

Meanwhile, UN reports seen by our reporter confirm that some defectors from RNC training camps in Minembwe handed themselves to MONUSCO at its bases in the Kivu region and that it has been able to negotiate terms of their repatriation to Rwanda.

Most of these recruits say they were recruited from Uganda and ended up in Burundi where they were facilitated by Burundian Chief of the Army General Prime Niyongabo and given armed escorts to cross to Minembwe in DR Congo where RNC training base is located.

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