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Family of Sgt. Maj. Kabera who defiled his daughter and fled to Uganda urge him to hand himself in

By Yves Muneza

Sgt. Maj. Robert Kabera fled to Uganda after committing a heinous crime, but from there he is telling fabricated stories.

The family of deserted and disgraced RDF soldier Sgt. Maj. Robert Kabera, who fled to Uganda to evade justice after violating his own daughter, is urging him to hand himself in.

Kabera, better known as “Sergeant Robert” throughout his music career, crossed to Uganda last Sunday after committing the crime on his daughter who currently is receiving treatment.

Upon reaching Uganda, Robert Kabera was interviewed by different propaganda and mainstream media outlets there. Those media gave him forum to claim that he was seeking asylum “following political persecution at home.” Kabera further claimed that he was being victimized because of his “close affiliations to the family of late General Fred Rwigema.”

But the Ugandan media articles were more in the propagandist mold, as they did not seek to ascertain facts.

Virunga Post has established from members of Kabera’s family that all the allegations he made claiming he was fleeing because he was “threatened by Rwandan security authorities” were total fabrications. He fled justice for the appalling crime on his fifteen-year old daughter. “Now he is telling lies against Rwanda,” lamented a family member.

Talking to Virunga Post on behalf of Kabera’s family members, Sadi Ngabo, his brother, said that the things that Ugandan media have been quoting Kabera about the family of the late Fred Rwigema are fabrications. “He cannot use Rwigema as an escape route from his crimes! He had no connection in any manner to the family of Rwigema.”

“We as family members condemn in the strongest terms Robert’s immoral acts of defiling his own daughter, then fleeing justice to then lie that the Rwanda government is hunting him because he is related to Rwigema family!” Ngabo added: “Robert and I share the same father and I can tell you that in no way are we related to Rwigema. He cannot use the name of a highly venerated name to cover for his crime.”

Ngabo added that leave alone the fact they have no relation with the late Rwigema from their father’s family, they have no connections whatever from their mothers’ side. “It is a pity that Robert would choose to lie like that!” he said, further urging his brother to hand himself in for the terrible thing he has done.

“For my brother to flee to Uganda after what he did was very wrong. As a soldier, he should turn himself in and face justice. What he did has given a bad image to the army and the family.” 

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