Home Politics Failed former “presidential candidate” Mwenedata pushes more falsehoods abroad

Failed former “presidential candidate” Mwenedata pushes more falsehoods abroad

By Joan Karera

Disgruntled Mwenedata trades falshoods abroad.

The self-styled reconciliation expert, Gilbert Mwenedata, now living in the US, Friday last week called upon survivors of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi to part ways with the Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF), with claims that “RPF are killers selling bodies of victims of the 1994 genocide against Tutsi”.

Mwenedata said this during an interview with Jean Nepomuscene Mporamusanga on Biza Tubireba Tugaceceka – one of the anti-Rwanda YouTube channels.

In 2018, Mwenedata founded a groups called the ‘People’s Initiative for Democratic Alliance (PIDA), with claims that he wanted “to join hands with other Rwandans in building the country”. Through that party he initiated a coalition “Rwanda Bridge Builders” with other groups committed to pushing a subversive agenda against Rwanda, such as Daphrose Nkundwa, former president of the Réseau international des femmes pour la Démocratie et la Paix (RIFDP) -Belgium, Rwanda National Congress “head of diplomacy” Charlotte Mukankusi, as well as Jean-Marie Vianney Ndagijimana the first Foreign Minister in the interim government who ran away with $200,000 that he had been given to go open Rwanda embassies abroad. 

Mwenedata, the “politician” as he calls himself, in the interview, when asked about the recent letter he signed with other members of anti-Rwanda terrorist groups purportedly “calling upon the international community to acknowledge the dangers that Tutsi survivors face”, instead made abusive remarks against the RPF – a party and army that stopped the genocide against the Tutsi and liberated Rwanda – with claims that it is a party of “killers”, and that he “would wish to see genocide survivors parting ways with it.

“These are the sorts of opinions found in genocide denialist groups, and others like that with an agenda to sanitize the real killers,” said a viewer that saw the video.

Mwenedata himself knows everything the government has done for survivors through institutions like FARG. It is clear that he is doing all this for negativist interests to tarnish Rwanda’s image,” remarked another viewer. “You can never see him calling for justice for Rwandans tortured by RNC or any other anti-Rwanda terrorist group that he works with.”

In 2017 Mwenedata tried to contest for presidential elections as an independent candidate and on July 7, 2017, while the National Electoral Commission (NEC) was announcing the final list of presidential candidates, announced that he was disqualified. According to NEC, it was proven that Mwenedata had forged the signature of a deceased person, Nyombayire Enock from Gasabo District, to endorse his candidacy.

“Mwenedata is a man discredited by anyone who got to know him. After it was announced that he forged a signature and used that of a deceased person, he fled the country in fear that he might be prosecuted,” remarked a source from NEC. “He now wants to peddle his baseless criticisms and fabricated stories over Rwanda’s leadership for a living,” he added.

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