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Ex-Kayumba Nyamwasa aide to launch new outfit called “Iteme”

By Yves Muneza

Jean Paul Turayishimiye, former head of intelligence of Kayumba Nyamwasa’s RNC.

Jean Paul Turayishimiye, the former head of intelligence of Kayumba Nyamwasa’s Rwanda National Congress (RNC), is preparing to launch a new hostile organization. It will be called Iteme, according to knowledge that’s already leaking out. The new outfit, according to reliable sources, is primarily going to “expose” Nyamwasa. This will be in addition to Turayishimiye’s “core mission” of hostile activities against Rwanda.

Turayishimiye, who has also worked as spokesperson of the RNC terror group, broke ranks with them in September last year after accusing Nyamwasa of personalizing the organisation and running it as a family business. Turayishimiye, who as a top RNC operative coordinated a spate of grenade attacks on Rwandan territory in which scores of innocent people were killed, accuses Nyamwasa of siphoning RNC funds into his personal businesses in Pretoria, Zambia and Mozambique.

Information reaching this website indicates that Turayishimiye has for the past few months been putting up a structure of a new hostile group where he targets prominent members that too have broken away from RNC.

“We have heard that so far he is putting up an organogram where former members of RNC like Leah Karegeya, Frank Ruhinda, Tabitha Gwiza, Simeon Ndwaniye, Lydie Ujeneza, Emerance Kayijuka, Achille Kamana, and Prosper Bamara among others will be given positions,” said a US resident that did not wish his identity disclosed. Turayishimiye is himself based in the US State of Massachusetts.

Our source further stated that the common denominator for the soon-to-be-announced leaders of the outfit is their hate for Nyamwasa, a fugitive from Rwandan justice, who has alienated all founding members of the RNC terrorist organisation.

But those in the know already are warning Rwandans in the Diaspora that, “they should beware that such an outfit as Iteme is not any different from RNC. They share the same agenda of terrorism, and of peddling lies against Rwanda,” said our source.

“Iteme”, translated as a bridge, is the same name as Turayishimiye’s YouTube-based radio that spreads toxic propaganda against Rwanda and its leaders.

Observers have further said that should the organisation be launched, RNC’s future will be left hanging in balance, since defected members have threatened to release all secrets of the group as vengeance against Nyamwasa.

On the orders of Nyamwasa, Turayishimiye was banned on Itahuka Radio, the propaganda organ for RNC. Turayishimiye, who had initially only resigned his position in the terror outfit, was subsequently expelled altogether from the group, again on instructions from Kayumba who felt threatened of his continued presence, according to reliable sources.

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