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Europe-based genocide negationists set to exploit Kizito Mihigo birth date for their propaganda purposes

By Jean Gatera

Placide Kayumba, Natasha Abingeneye, Ruhumuza Mbonyumutwa, and Liliane Bahufite, the Jambo ASBL, lead campaigners of genocide denialism.

Offspring of the fugitives of the 1994 Genocide Against the Tutsi who sought refuge in Europe operating under something called “Jambo ASBL” have been exploiting the death of Kizito Mihigo, to try to demonize the Rwandan leadership with claims that the “Kigali government murdered Mihigo.” This has been happening since 17 February this year, when Mihigo in fact – an investigation, and medical autopsy showed – hanged himself with bed sheets in his police cell.

Jambo ASBL is planning to exploit, for maximum propaganda benefit, Kizito Mihigo’s birth date which falls on 25 July.

“Jambo ASBL members would have happily killed Mihigo to secure propaganda material; in fact they lost a valuable propaganda source when Mihigo was released in 2018,” said a source familiar with the workings of Jambo ASBL. “They (Jambo ASBL) had turned Kizito Mihigo into a project to raise funds while he still was in prison,” added the source.

Singer Kizito Mihigo was in Mageragere Prison for grave crimes against the state, until President Kagame granted him clemency – along with others such as Victoire Ingabire – in September 2018. “So, even though these Jambo characters and others like them try very hard to pin Mihigo’s death on the Rwandan leadership, how can they explain the fact the Rwandan president himself offered him clemency?” many have been asking. “The man still had six years of a prison term to serve, so why release him if he posed whatever threat they are trying to imply?” 

In April 2014 when Mihigo was arrested his WhatsApp records proved that he had been in communication with terrorist militias. In his trial, he made several confessions of what was to be his role in terrorist plots. He pleaded guilty to charges against him including forming a criminal gang, aiding the formation of a criminal gang, conspiracy against the established government, or the President of the Republic, complicity in a terrorist act, and conspiracy to murder. He would later seek clemency from the Head of State in a letter asking for forgiveness.

When in 2018 Mihigo was granted clemency he instead, a couple of years later, in 2020, was apprehended by villagers in Nyaruguru District, as he tried to cross into Burundi through an illegal border crossing, who handed him over to the authorities.

When Mihigo was apprehended, he was treated lawfully by agents of Rwanda Investigations Bureau. “Rwanda is a country of rule of law, and Mihigo was treated with the full rights of a suspect, as everyone saw,” commented a law enforcement source. Photographs showed Mihigo looking unharmed.

Mihigo took his own life, that is all, and those that try to state otherwise have their political purposes, authorities have explained. 

According to our Europe source, Mihigo’s suicide is like “a God sent event” to the genocidaires and their offspring. One Natasha Abingeneye has launched a “count-down to Kizito Mihigo’s birthday.”

Abingeneye is the daughter of Juvénal Uwiringiyimana, a genocide suspect indicted by the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) who died in 2005 without answering for his crimes. “For their ‘Kizito project’ Abingeneye began the count down and received support from other extremists groups”, our source says. On her Twitter account, this woman has evidently been running the public relations countdown stunt.

“That is all it is, a stunt,” our Diaspora source said with emphasis.

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