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Europe-based anti-Rwanda terror group claims attack that originated from Burundi

By Moses Gisa

L-R: One of the armed attackers who was killed by the Rwandan army, and their ammunition (Guns, communication tools).

A Belgium-based terror outfit, Conseil National pour le Renouveau et la Democratie (CRND-Ubwiyunge) has claimed responsibility for last Saturday’s terror attack in Ruheru Sector, Nyaruguru District, that originated from across the border in Burundi. A high-ranking official of the outfit, Vincent Biruka, “the secretary General” claimed on WhatsApp that, they were behind the Nyaruguru attack.

Biruka claims the attack was the work of FLN, the armed militia of CNRD, against the Rwandan army.

But the RDF, in a Saturday-morning press release, reported the incident as an attack by “by approximately 100 unidentified gunmen heavily armed with machine guns, rocket launchers and grenades attacked an RDF defensive position with intentions to kill civilians in the Yanze IDP Model Village. This is located about 1000 meters from the Burundi Border.”

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Rwandan soldiers killed four attackers and captured three of them with their guns and communication tools. According to RDF Spokesperson Lt. Col. Innocent Munyengango, the attackers fled back into Burundi – towards a Burundian military position in the neighboring Cibitoke Province. Captured materiel also included dry rations marked, “Force de Defense Nationale du Burundi.”

Hours before the attack, Kayumba Rugema, an official of Kayumba Nyamwasa’s RNC, wrote on his Facebook page to “warn people” of an imminent attack following the burial of deceased former Burundian President Pierre Nkurunziza. “President Nkurunziza has just been buried, but there is a looming war in the region, don’t ask me about the time but am certain people are in great danger,” Rugema wrote.

The cousin to wanted Fugitive Kayumba Nyamwasa has been actively involved in the mobilization and recruitment of rebel militias for RNC; one of the many RNC agents that have been working with the assistance and facilitation of Ugandan Military Intelligence (CMI), according to many different reports. On the diplomatic front, the Rwandan High Commission in Kampala has raised several complaints about activities on Ugandan territory whose goal is to destabilize the security of Rwanda.

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“Rugema’s knowledge of the armed attack also is indicative of RNC involvement in the terrorist attack, which failed miserably,” observers commented. What looks clear is that these groups CNRD, RNC and others must have been well aware of anti-Rwanda terrorist plotting happening on Burundian soil, commentators observed.

When former FLN “commander” Callixte Nsabimana (“Sankara”) was arrested in April last year and interrogated, he confessed that his group, as well as RNC and others of the so-called “P5” coalition worked with the intelligence agencies of Burundi and Uganda. That information was also shared in the courtroom during Nsabimana’s trial.

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Saturday’s terrorist incident was not the first time FLN had tried to attack Rwanda from the dense Nyungwe Forest – known as Kibira on the Burundian side. In June 2018, FLN terrorists attacked Nyabimata Sector, beat up its Executive Secretary, Nsengiyumva Vincent, torched his home and car, killed two people, and looted their property including food and money. They tried the same thing in July, the same year. Each time, RDF repulsed them, with heavy losses for the terrorists. And each time they ran back to their safe haven in Burundi.

CNRD-Ubwiyunge is formerly allied to another anti-Rwanda terror coalition: MRCD-Ubumwe headed by top genocide revisionists Paul Rusesabagina and Faustin Twagiramungu.

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