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Escaped convict Ntamuhanga persists with subversive activities

By Yves Muneza

Escaped prison convict Cassien Ntamuhanga has continued with plots of terrorism.

A media propaganda platform operated by a Rwandan convicted criminal who escaped from prison is operating freely in Uganda – which puts in doubt the latter’s stated commitments to mend ties with Rwanda.

Operating under the name Abaryankuna Media Network, the outfit runs a YouTube-based radio, and a website which, according to reliable sources, operate on the direct orders of Kayumba Nyamwasa, the head of RNC. This is a terrorist organisation whose violent agenda of distabilising Rwanda has never changed.

The Abaryankuna is led by Cassien Ntamuhanga, a convicted criminal who escaped from Nyanza Prison, commonly known as Mpanga, in 2017, and has since established himself in the Mozambican capital Maputo.

According to the sources, Ntamuhanga remains a top official from Kayumba’s RNC, with his duties including running a toxic media campaign against Kigali through Abaryankuna. The sources indicates that the propaganda outlet is operating with full knowledge and facilitation of Ugandan Military Intelligence, CMI, under the leadership of Maj. Gen. Abel Kandiho.

Latest information obtained by this website is that this toxic outlet is operating freely in Uganda, despite the recent seeming “scaling down” on anti-Rwanda rhetoric by media outlets linked to Ugandan security, like ChimpReports and SoftPower News.

“We have seen some changes, lately, with some Ugandan media outlets reducing their anti-Rwanda rhetoric mostly from ChimpReports, SoftPower News and others. But if such was really done in the spirit of making peace between the two countries, what are outlets like Abaryankuna doing in Uganda?” asked a source that talked to this website on condition of anonymity.

The source further explained that much as Museveni has of recent shown some signs of goodwill with announcements of releasing some innocent Rwandans illegally detained in Uganda, it should not be a situation where you do one good thing and cover it with two or three bad things! the source continued.

“If it’s a peace process then let it be comprehensive, if these hostile platforms are not uprooted in Uganda, then we cannot say there is a deal,” our source concluded. Reports from Kampala have it that Ntamuhanga on top of hosting the hostile talk-shows and authoring toxic online publications, he has also been coordinating on an agenda of sowing divisions and confusion within Rwandan communities in Uganda.

“On 02 Sept 19, a source reported that Ntamuhanga Cassien conducted a meeting with ‘Capt’ Cassien Nshimiyimana alias Gavana, Frank Ntwali (brother in law to Kayumba) and Frank Ruhinda (brother in law to Karegeya) in Kampala’s Serena Hotel,” stated a report on the latest activities in Uganda of those individuals. All the three individuals are operatives of RNC.

According to the sources, these individuals during their Kampala meeting agreed on plans to bolster RNC’s plots to try to destabilize Rwanda with terrorist attacks. This group was responsible for a spate of grenade attacks in Rwanda between 2010-14.

Since his escape from prison and joining RNC, Ntamuhanga has been involved in subversive activities in Rwanda, including trying to recruit Rwandan youths in terrorist attacks in the country. Ntamuhanga on his propaganda platform broadcasts a lot of misinformation, also using WhatsApp texts and voice calls. He has also been a mastermind in the developing and spreading of negative propaganda against the Rwandan government in form of tracts.

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