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Did Buchaman get a Uganda police beating for secretly supporting Wine? Many think yes

By Jean Gatera

Presidential Advisor on ghetto affairs, Mark Bugembe aka Buchaman.

Presidential Advisor on ghetto affairs, Mark Bugembe aka Buchaman, is in an alarming situation after Uganda police arrested and beat him up in full public view. According to sources, Buchaman now is in such a bad condition they’ve taken him to Nakasero Hospital, transferred from a local clinic in Kibuye, Malcolm Clinic, where he was nursing his injuries.

Buchaman’s arrest and beating follow a statement by the State House comptroller Lucy Nakyobe, that disowned the Presidential advisor. Nakyobe recently said she did not know Buchaman as a State House employee since he had never been vetted or approved by the Public Service Commission. This is a contradiction, according to observers, because, “Buchaman was publicly appointed by Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni in October 2019.”

The presidential Advisor is said to have clashed with the National Environmental Management Authorities (NEMA) who had bypassed him in holding a ghetto-affairs related meeting without inviting him. Police claim that Buchaman rallied youth to disrupt the NEMA meeting hence his arrest along with his bodyguard.

But others see a hidden sinister motive behind Buchaman’s beating, which was brutal, going by video footage. “Even if he is now a presidential adviser, he still remains close to Robert Kyagulanyi (aka Bobi Wine) and planned on supporting him in 2021,” sources close to Buchaman disclosed confidentially.

Video footage shows how the popular “ghetto musician” Buchaman was arrested by policemen, “panda gari style” as it is widely known, and driven to Katwe Police Station. the Presidential Advisor was bundled in the back of the pickup with his clothes torn, and handcuffed. He reappeared on a sickbed at the Malcolm Clinic in Kibuye.

The musician bitterly complained that “Police used excessive force on him, disregarding his disability, and his position as a Presidential Advisor.” “Police and local people, there is a big gap. I went to Busega to listen to some of my ghetto people who needed my assistance as the presidential advisor on ghetto issues, and as the ghetto president,” he said as he narrated what happened.

“Excessive force used without listening to us was, and is always, unnecessary especially on a person living with disabilities. Police brutality in Uganda doesn’t even take into account the disabled!”, complained Buchaman who is lame in one leg. “We want peace, not war.

Uganda Police has for several years been accused of brutality and torture of individuals they arrest, with so many ending up in hospital beds. “Opposition members like Francis Zaake, Kizza Besigye and others have all been seen to hospital after police custody”, a human activist said. “We have seen activist like Stella Nyanzi beaten, others killed. Now even Presidential Advisors are being abused by the police,” the activist lamented.

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