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Could Cassien Ntamuhanga be a victim of RNC wrangles and machinations?

By Alex Muhumuza

When fugitive Cassien Ntamuhanga escaped prison and went to Mozambique, and got entangled in RNC’s plots. But it rarely ends well with those that get in bed with RNC and it’s boss Kayumba Nyamwasa.

Over the past few weeks some individuals in anti-Rwanda groups have been whining that fugitive Ntamuhanga Cassien disappeared in the capital of Mozambique, Maputo. If this is indeed true, who is responsible for it? There are some examples of similar cases in the circles of those individuals that have chosen to fall in bed with Kayumba Nyamwasa and his terror group RNC.

Observers in fact are convinced Ntamuhanga is a victim of RNC’s internal machinations and wrangles.

Ntamuhanga who was arrested in April 2014 on four terrorism-related crimes, charged, and convicted after a trial that went on for nine months escaped prison in April 2015 and made his way to Mozambique. There he formed a group called Abaryankuna – yet another so-called exiled “opposition party” dedicated to sowing insurrection and terrorism in Rwanda. Ntamuhanga, who was serving a twenty-five year prison term when he broke jail, then decided to join Nyamwasa in their anti-Rwanda activities.

“What Ntamuhanga should have known is that things often do not end well with those that work with Kayumba Nyamwasa,” laughed an observer.

RNC’s affairs are always characterized by quarrels and raptures; some that end up with disappearances, even death. Those that follow news of the terror group know that people who choose to work with Nyamwasa eventually fall out with him – with bitterrecriminations and accusations against him of betrayal, greed, or being autocratic.

One of the notable internal RNC wrangles was between Nyamwasa and Pastor Deo Nyirigira the former chief mobilizer and recruiter for RNC in Mbarara District, Uganda. Nyirigira through the disguise of his Agape Church wa one of the most important RNC officials.

But then some time in early 2019, Nyirigira’s son, Felix Mwizerwa went missing. That was the same time RNC’s Benjamin Rutabana, it’s “commissioner of mobilization” disappeared. Reports indicate that Kayumba Nyamwasa, working with Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) head Maj. Gen. Abel Kandiho, had lured Rutabana from Brussels, to Uganda. On 8 September 2019, Rutabana’s wife Diane lost contact with him. He hasn’t been seen, or heard of since then.

Rutabana’s familyciting a lot of circumstantial evidence accused Nyamwasa of his disappearance.However Deo Nyirigira too has a serious grievance against Nyamwasa.At the time Rutabana went missing, Nyirigira’s son Felix Mwizerwa too went missing, and he too hasn’t been seen since then. Nyirigira too is certain Nyamwasa is responsible for his son’s disappearance.

This caused bad blood between the two men, leading to Nyirigira bitterly breaking up with RNC to join a splinter group. Nyirigira had been the “chairman of the RNC Uganda province” since 2019 when the so-called province was formed. Nyirigira’s defection showed the extent to which Nyamwasa foments divisions and wrangles, Diaspora sources comment. 

In July 2020 reports surfaced that Nyirigira had joined a breakaway group and no longer was working with Nyamwasa.

But in fact the breakaway group itself, the Rwanda Alliance for Change had been formed by another former senior RNC official, Jean Paul Turayishimiye who himself had acrimoniously severed ties with Nyamwasa. The beef between Turayishimiye, the former RNC chief of intelligence based in the US, and his former boss too started with the disappearance of Rutabana.

Turayishimiye was with those people that sided with Rutabana when the latter, long before he fell into Nyamwasa and Kandiho’s trap in Uganda, began questioning Nyamwasa’s ways of running RNC. Rutabana would accuse Nyamwasa of nepotism, favoritism (like always entrusting the most important missions to Frank Ntwari his brother in law), and using RNC funds but never accounting for them.

“Nyamwasa has always been corrupt and autocratic, and Rutabana was putting himself in serious danger by questioning him, and no doubt he paid for it,” a Diaspora source familiar with RNC’s internal wrangles remarked.

When Turayishimiye formed his splinter group, several of RNC former members too broke up with Nyamwasa to join Turayishimiye.

This pattern of events of unending quarrels or wrangles, all fuelled by Kayumba Nyamwasa’s greed and thirst for power “surely Cassien Ntamuhanga also has felt it!” one of our southern African sources commented.

The question they ask is: will this pattern end with Ntamuhanga?

“Negative! It will go on because a leopard can’t change its spots,” our source commented. 


  1. Let them finish themselves, I will pray that also Kandiho and his bro Asimwe disappear! I am sure that will happen. When you hate Rwanda that’s what happens to you!!!


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