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Continued persecution: Rwandan man beaten and burnt to death by Ugandan mob

By Patience Kirabo

The late Bazambanza who was so inhumanly murdered in Uganda.

A Rwandan man, Bazambanza Munyemana has been gruesomely killed in Uganda: another casualty of the policy of harassment and persecution of innocent Rwandans in Uganda by the country’s security forces or local authorities. His body was retrieved yesterday, June 06, around 1 PM at the environs of the Uganda-Rwanda border, dumped by his assailants who had beaten and burnt him to death.

The late Bazambanza, 21, hailed from Burera District and had been living and working in Butandi, in the neighboring Kabale District of Uganda for more than four years, until he was attacked by a mob that included his boss at his home. He was brutally beaten with huge sticks and burnt while naked – an act of inhuman torture. “The fact that the local authorities in Kabala did not intervene either to save the Rwandan national or to investigate his death signals complicity,” said a border official that preferred anonymity.

The assailants of Bazambanza upon realizing that he was dead decided to tie up his body, drove it close to the Rwandan border at Burera District, Kivuye Sector, Nyirataba cell, Kanyenzugi village and dumped it there. They did everything in broad daylight and with full impunity.

The victim’s body was found by community members in the Kivuye Sector, and alerted authorities who took his corpse to Butaro Hospital for autopsy as investigations proceed.

Due to the Kampala regime’s hostility towards Rwandan nationals in Uganda, even ordinary Ugandans are taking matters into their hands, mimicking actions of their government. They have seen or heard of how security organs of their country, like the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) and their operatives, arbitrarily arrest Rwandans either working, traveling to, or visiting people in Uganda.

Stories have been rampant of the torture the Rwandans that fall into the hands of the security agencies suffer, some even dying. Now the persecution of Rwandan nationals seems to have become decentralized, whereby any Ugandan feels empowered to harass, torture, brutalize or take their lives, commented our source.

“After all there are no repercussions for the injustices, so why wouldn’t ordinary Ugandans that may feel the need to commit some crime against a Rwandan, such as the killers of Bazambanza, do?”

Another case in point is the one of Felicien Mbonabaheka who was murdered while trying to help another Rwandan who was being beaten by a mob of Ugandans. The assailants chopped off his head and legs, cut out his backbone, and later hastily buried him without notifying either his relatives or the Rwanda government. To this day, nothing has been said by the Kampala regime regarding the brutal killing of the late Mbonabaheka.

Rwandan authorities have kept warning people against crossing to Uganda since their safety cannot be guaranteed.

Kampala has shown no commitment to implementing its commitments as outlined in the memorandum of understanding signed in August 2019 in Luanda as part of efforts to normalize relations between Rwanda and Uganda.

It specifically prohibits harassment, persecution, and all sorts of extralegal mistreatment of Rwandan nationals in Uganda.


  1. Museveni’s government has given Ugandan criminals carte blanche to torture and murder innocent Rwandans. But they should remember that what goes around comes around.


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