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CommandPost wildly alleges a suspect Mufumbira criminal is a Rwandan!

By Gasimba Moise

A Uganda Military Intelligence, CMI sponsored troll CommandPost is on its usual wicked quest of publishing baseless smears against Rwanda.

Yesterday, Wednesday 5th, CommandPost published a story about the arrest of “a notorious thug” from Rwanda that they say was arrested in the town of Kisoro along with another Ugandan suspect. In its article the Rwandan suspect is facing CommandPost judgement. It is the Juge, the Prosecutor and the jury.

The CommandPost article is troubling for several reasons. Chief amongst them is how they then link that one case to an entire series of similar anti-Rwanda smears.

“These people’s obvious intention is to keep stoking hate of Rwanda, to justify their hostility,” say analysts.

As they make allegations about a ‘notorious’ Rwandan thug – who has neither been tried nor convicted of any crime yet – how relevant is a suspect’s nationality? As some readers asked.

Currently, Uganda has over 50,000 inmates, is CommandPost not inciting in playing up that one supposed crime in Kisoro? Sadly, those are the kinds of low depths Uganda is being dragged down by the Museveni regime and its operatives.

Observers point to an electoral campaign move by Museveni who is desperate to justify his 33 years of rule marred by corruption, nepotism and all kinds of incompetence.

According to analysis of articles such as CommandPost’s, they in fact justify the Rwandan Government’s travel warning to its citizens to avoid Uganda, while highlighting the anti-Rwanda approach of a falling NRM system.

To understand CommandPost we have to again examine its sponsors, CMI’s current agenda. Under Brig. Gen. Abel Kandiho, it would now seem that CMI and its controlled misinformation outlets are so hell-bent on pushing their anti-Rwanda narrative with scapegoating tactics.

It getting more ridiculous each passing day.


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