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CMI still working with RNC agents all over Uganda, in full violation of Angola MoU

By Patience Kirabo

CMI still working with RNC agents all over Uganda to persecute innocent Rwandan nationals, deportees reveal.

Some three Rwandans, among twelve that were dumped at the Kagitumba Border Post from Uganda earlier this month, have revealed that Uganda-based Rwandans work with Kampala security organs to persecute innocent Rwandans. They have also revealed the Ugandan security organs that facilitate the harassment and persecution of Rwandan nationals – those already in Uganda – through such means as arbitrary arrests, illegal detentions incommunicado, and torture among other abuses.

Talking late last week, the three deportees – who were dumped from Uganda on the 7th July– revealed that Ugandan security organs, specifically the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) has not ceased working with agents of Kayumba Nyamwasa’s RNC in the persecution of Rwandans on Ugandan territory, or Ugandans of Rwandan origin. “What has to be very clear is that the moment these fellows find out you are not ready to support RNC, you are in serious trouble!” said one of the deportees that preferred not to be named.

In the past it has also been revealed that one of the ways to stay safe as a Rwandan in Uganda is “to declare oneself an enemy of the Rwandan administration, and say very bad things about Rwanda.”

The deportees said that RNC Kinyarwanda speaking operatives “are stationed in several important towns in Uganda, supposedly “to identify Rwandans working for the government of Rwanda, and to coordinates with CMI agents for their arbitrary arrests.”

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Observers will remark that this kind of behavior by its security agencies working with anti-Rwanda terrorist groups, which has been going on from the earliest months of 2017 when Kampala escalated its policy of anti-Rwanda hostility, was supposed to be ending by now. One of the provisions of the Luanda MoU, signed by both Uganda and Rwanda to normalize relations between the two countries, stresses that harassment and persecution of the citizens of either country are to stop, and their rights respected.

Since Rwanda has never mistreated a single Ugandan citizen, Uganda was supposed to have reigned in its security organs. Also, by now Kampala should have dismantled all the anti-Rwanda terrorist networks operating on its territory – in addition to releasing all illegally jailed Rwandan nationals.

These provisions have not happened. All reports indicate that for CMI, in its partnership with RNC, it is just “business as usual.”

The deportees revealed that “special torture” is reserved for those that refuse to join RNC in some capacity or other; either as a recruit to join its training camps (which until mid last year used to be in the Minembwe region of DRC), or as members contributing funds or materiel.

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This website in the past has interviewed and published the stories of several Rwandan nationals that suffered inhumane treatment in Uganda, most especially those that fell into the clutches of CMI. The reports of the sadistic torture going on in the dungeons of CMI against Rwandans nationals – abducted on concocted charges of “espionage”, “kidnap”, “illegal weapons possessions”, and others for which they were never charged in a court of law – shocked many.

Reacting to these things, Kigali issued a strong travel advisory against its citizens crossing to Uganda – which came into effect on the first day of March, last year. 

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The most recent revelations of the continued workings of CMI with RNC, to the extent RNC still has agents and cells in many parts of Uganda shows there still is a long way to go before Uganda fulfills the terms of the Luanda MoU, a political analyst commented for this article.

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