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CMI-sponsored website spins desperate lie after 2 Ugandans are legally deported

By VPS Reporter

Brig Gen Abel Kandiho (Right) head of CMI.

Kampala propagandists on the payroll of Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence, CMI have once again attempted to smear Rwanda with outlandish lying.
In a piece chock full of falsehoods published Monday, 8 July on Softpower – one of the countless CMI-run misinformation websites – a certain Mivule Gyagenda alleges: “Two Ugandans are reported to have been subjected to torture and their rights violated before they were deported from Rwanda.”
Knowledgeable people that know the things Ugandan security authorities have been perpetrating on innocent Rwandans will recognize an attempt to project their criminal behavior upon Rwanda. “To see these CMI trolls try to smear Rwanda by lying that its authorities have tortured Ugandans, it just shows you how guilty they are!” said a Rwandan upon reading the Softpower piece.
The two Ugandans that Softpower alleges to have been “tortured and deported” are Buwabwe Brian and Wasswa Abdul. The two men were looking for job opportunities in Rwanda, Buwabwe as a DJ in different bars and nightclubs in Kigali, and Wasswa as a mechanic.
Buwabwe was arrested for having an expiry temporary entry permit. He was taken to Kacyiru police station where he spent not more than 48 hours before being handed over to a Gasabo District immigration officer, Noheli Muhirwa Gahutu. The officials deported the Ugandan, whose temporary entry permit expired last year in August, going by the dates on the document a copy of which Virunga Post has seen. Buwabwe has been living in Rwanda illegally for almost a year.
Wasswa Abdul on his part had no travel document. He entered Rwanda in February this year on his Ugandan ID. The man entered saying he had come “to visit”, but ended up staying indefinitely in Rwanda, doing work as a motor vehicle repairman whenever he could find it. They arrested him as an undocumented foreigner and after a very brief detention, he too was deported to his home country.
When police arrested these people, it informed them of the reasons for their arrest. They told them of their rights to a lawyer, and made sure detention was no more than the legally stipulated time before handing them over to immigration. Despite the fictions Softpower has published, Rwanda Immigration deported the men legally and humanely. They did not subject them to any kind of torture.
The Ugandans were well and healthy when they were deported on 8 July, through Gatuna border. This deportation was carried out after investigations about properties or belongings that these individuals might have in Rwanda so that they could be handed over to them before their departure. In the deportation notification issued by the Director General for Immigration and Emigration Regis Gatarayiha, he made it clear Buwabwe was deported due to his expired documents while Wasswa had no identification.
This professional and ethical handling of Ugandans that had actually broken the law was completely different from the terrible violations of the rights of many Rwandans in Uganda daily by CMI, ISO and other Ugandan security agencies. These are Rwandans that have not broken the law or committed any offence. Their stories are so many – those that have been tortured by the notorious CMI, and others that have been imprisoned though they never had a chance to defend themselves in court.
Only someone that has been living in a cave for the last two and a half years hasn’t noticed the criminal offences the Museveni regime has been perpetrating against Rwandan nationals, said a commentator.
But Softpower – in the totally shameless Museveni propaganda organs style – publishes a complete fiction about two law-breaking individuals, and tries to spin the handling of their case like it is some kind of crime by Rwanda. The writer of that smear even alleges that Buwabwe and Wasswa “left behind property like cars and a lot of money!” A jobless DJ and an itinerant mechanic!
Softpower even forgets that there is testimony of Ugandans that have been detained in Rwanda by its security forces saying only good things about their experiences. One such Ugandan is Emmanuel Sebuzuru, a manager of Horizon Bus Company from the town of Kisoro. Sebuzuru early last month was taken in for questioning by Rwandan investigation authorities about a large sum of money he was carrying.
He said he was given food and drink during questioning. He said no officer raised a voice at him. In his own words, reported in Ugandan newspapers like Daily Monitor, Sebuzuru said Rwandan investigators are professional and do not torture at all. “While in detention, I was treated as a diplomat and nobody harmed me or took away any of my belongings.” Sebuzuru told the media once back home in Kisoro.
Yet the Kampala regime mouthpieces, despite their lies being disproven each and every time, never stop cooking their fictions.
The one about Buwabwe and Wasswa too will be buried by the truth, one can be sure.

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