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CMI repeats same song, another Rwandan dumped at Gatuna border

Merely days after two Ugandan lawyers threatened legal action against their government over the illegal detention of a Emmanuel Cyemayire, a Rwandan businessman, the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) on Monday January 29, in the wee hours of the night dumped him at Gatuna border.

The illegal detention, torture, and dumping off at the border of Rwandans has become something of a norm in the operations of CMI after a number of Rwandans have been dumped there in the past few months.

Speaking to journalists on Tuesday morning, a frail Cyemayire narrated his ordeal, detailing how he was kidnapped and tortured in CMI’s detention facilities.

Upon his deportation, he was served with a document indicating that his status in Uganda was that of an ‘undesirable immigrant.’ He had this to say about the pain and suffering he faced:

“On the evening of January 04, I received a call from my son who informed me that there are men at home asking for me. A few minutes later, I called my son but the phone was off; something felt off and I decided to head home. I found two armed men inside my house. They asked me to hand them my travel documents, which I did,” Cyemayire narrated the situation at his house at the time he was picked up.

Immediately the two men began to rough him up. They dragged him out of the house. Waiting outside were three men including Maj. Fred Mushambo, CMI’s Division Intelligence Officer in Mbarara.

Upon his deportation, Cyemayire was served with a document indicating that his status in Uganda was that of an ‘undesirable immigrant.

Cyemayire was blindfolded and bundled into a waiting Toyota Double Cabin that immediately sped off to Mbarara Military barracks. “Along the way, Mushambo, started to interrogate me, asking about my links with people in the Rwandan army. I didn’t know any of the people he was asking about but he didn’t want to accept this. We arrived at the barracks where the torture began; I was beaten every day during interrogations.”

A few days later Cyemayire was transferred to another CMI torture chamber, this time in Kampala.

Cyemayire had come to learn, from the line of questioning during the torture sessions in Mbarara, that Pastor Deo Nyirigira of AGAPE Church was among the people who had testified against him.

This website has previous reported about Nyirigira and AGAPE church that is used as a command center for Rwanda National Congress (RNC) covert operations in western Uganda.





Cyemayire description of the detention facility in Kampala sounded familiar with the barracks, Mbuya Military barracks and CMI headquarters, described by Fidele Gatsinzi and other Rwandans who have been arrested and tortured there before being dumped at the Gatuna border.

Gruesome details

Cyemayire provided gruesome details of how, for eight days, he was blindfolded, arms and legs chained on the stairway, and beaten every single day leading him to suffer from “severe backaches.”

It was hell. “They insisted that they know I talk to Rwandan military generals and mentioned names of people I have never met.”

All they wanted from him was a confession for the unfounded accusations they were leveling against him.

They ordered him to give them different passwords including mobile money codes. He obliged. But the frustration that they were not finding whatever they were looking for would lead to more torture.

“They kept asking me about my family, relatives and friends. Why I frequently traveled to Rwanda. I explained to them that I have a sick mother back in Rwanda who I take care of and a business in Uganda that I have to run. I explained to them that this is why I travelled between the two countries frequently.” They didn’t want to hear any of that.

Cyemayire speaking to journalists in Kigali.

Up until his arrest Cyemayire owned an electronics shop in Mbarara and was in possession of a trading license issued by Uganda Revenue Authority. All this meant that he was operating legally in Uganda.

One of the officers who was torturing him admitted to the fact that they were aware that he was operating his business in Uganda legally. However, he was told that only their boss could give some reprieve.

“I later learnt that the boss being mentioned is a man called Brig Abel Kandiho,” CMI’s top boss.

Since his kidnap, Cyemayire spent 25 days incarcerated in CMI cells, “where they had poured cold water on the floor,” he revealed to journalists present at the press conference.

Rwandans in Uganda living in fear

Cyamayire told reporters that Rwandans in Mbarara are living in fear, worried that they are on Pastor Deo Nyirigira’s watch-list.

Cyemayire is back to Rwanda having been forced to abandon his business in Mbarara that he opened in 2013. He has also left behind property he had accumulated from the little profit he had made from his enterprise.

Ugandan lawyers threaten to sue government

Cyemayire’s release follows the threat by two Ugandan lawyers, Gawaya Tegulle and Eron Kiiza, to take legal action against Uganda’s Chief of Defence Forces over the illegal detention of Cyemayire.

The same happened in December last year when CMI released and deported to Gatuna five of the seven Rwandans who were rotting in its torture chambers after lawyers threatened to file a suit on behalf of the victims.

CMI offers protection to RNC agents

Meanwhile Pastor Nyirigira, an agent of the Rwanda National Congress (RNC) in Mbarara, has intensified the operations of his network that identifies innocent Rwandans who have refused to align themselves with the RNC and hands them over to CMI for torture.

Cyemayire speaking to journalists in Kigali.

Other RNC agents running similar operations in Uganda include Charles Sande (alias Robert Mugisha), Felix Mwizerwa (Pastor Nyirigira’son), and Dr. Sam Ruvuma.

It’s been months since this website broke the story where Dr Ruvuma and Mwizerwa attempt to sneak 43 RNC recruits at Kikagati Border on their way to Minembwe, South Kivu of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, for military training.

The recruits held forged travel documents and were intercepted at the border. Mwizerwa and Dr. Ruvuma managed to flee the scene. Later on Dr. Ruvuma was found at Pastor Deo’s Church and was briefly apprehended before CMI intervened and he was freed.

The 43 young men they had duped into rebel activities have since been abandoned to fend for themselves and now face serious charges that include terrorism.

Meanwhile, Pastor Deo Nyirigira closed his Kigali AGAPE Church in 2000 and fled to Uganda after his followers reported him to the authorities for extorting money from them. This same charge had been leveled against him by members of his church in Mbarara.

Sources within the church indicate that only his close links with CMI have protected him from prosecution.

His work with the RNC has provided him with the needed cover and guarantee of protection at the very top level of state security including support from Generals Abel Kandiho of CMI and Henry Tumukunde, Uganda’s Minister of Security.

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