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CMI propaganda tries another attempt to deflect attention away from Museveni, with hoax story of “Rwandan soldiers invading Uganda”

By Jean Gatera

Ugandan Military Intelligence (CMI) director Abel Kandiho has been orchestrating Kampala’s anti-Rwanda propaganda and misinformation campaign using outlets like chimpreports. Their latest lie is that “Rwandan soldiers crossed into Uganda”.

Two Kampala-based propaganda websites, Chimpreports and Watchdoguganda.com both under the control of Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) have published allegations that a local authority, Rukiga District, is reinforcing its border patrols “to stop Rwandan soldiers that are crossing the border in pursuit of smugglers.” This is another of the manufactured lies of CMI against Rwanda evidently. They published it but offered no facts to back it up.

According to this story, the “cross border raid” was led by a Rwandan Defense Force Captain and two escorts chasing waragi (illicit gin) traffickers. But, very conveniently, the CMI propaganda outlets do not say who that so-called captain is. “In fact if one were to ask Giles Muhame the chief editor of Chimpreports, it would turn out this is the same case as his fictitious claims in April 2019 that Rwandan soldiers had crossed to Uganda looking for food and drink,” laughed a reader.

After publishing that story, Muhame was repeatedly pressed by Rwandans on social media to post video or even pictures of the alleged incident, but he never could. He had deliberately published an outright falsehood to tarnish the Rwandan military under instruction of his CMI paymasters.

“We can be sure it is the same with the alleged Rwandan captain and his two escorts,” said a security official. 

The latest “Rwandan-soldiers-crossing-to-Uganda” hoax by the CMI misinformation machine has been published in the midst of a chaotic security situation in Uganda. Since the assassination attempt on Uganda’s minister of public works and transport Gen. Andrew Wamala Katumba on the June 1, Museveni’s hand, and his security forces in the deaths of Ugandan, have become more undeniable. The country’s citizens have become more outspoken and more determined than ever in denouncing him. International news organizations like BBC are publishing devastating exposures of the Museveni regime’s criminality against Ugandans.

In desperation, Museveni’s propagandists have been ordered to cook up more lies against Rwanda in continued attempts to deflect attention away from their own criminality.

Chimpreports and Watchdoguganda.com’s invasion hoax also mentions Covid-19 control, yet another catastrophic situation in Uganda. With 1247 new cases reported on the 5th of June, the CMI article pretends that the Rukiga District is trying to reinforce its border patrols to control infections from Rwanda which only had 43 cases on the same day. So, that’s two lies in one story.

Museveni’s catastrophic failures in managing the Covid-19 pandemic in his country are coming back to bite him. The COVID-19 surge in Uganda has been attributed to a combination of factors, including corruption – Foreign Minister Sam Kutesa’s daughters for instance has never accounted for humongous funds to deliver oxygen, which she has never done – laxity, and incompetence according to publicly available records. Just recently during Museveni’s swearing-in ceremony, to give only one example, hundreds upon hundreds of people crowded together very tightly, with no masks or any other precautions. Museveni was the one that had ordered it, knowingly exposing Ugandans to danger. Now the hospitals are overflowing with Covid-19 patients.

But CMI propaganda wants people to believe Covid-19 is crossing from Rwanda to Uganda. “Quite honestly these people have something wrong with them,” commented our source.  


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