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CMI-paid hate monger attempts to justify CMI crimes against innocent Rwandans by exploiting faux Pegasus “scandal”

By Jean Gatera

Jonah Ruhima – one of the hate-mongers on the payroll of Maj. Gen. Abel Kandiho, director of Uganda’s military intelligence, CMI – has outdone even himself in an anti-Rwanda tirade posted this Thursday on Commandonepost, one of their countless propaganda outlets.

Jumping onto the “Pegasus controversy” a Western-media-manufactured faux scandal that accuses a number of countries of using the spyware to track phones of targeted individuals, Ruhima basically sentences every Rwanda in Uganda to the torture dungeons of CMI. His premise is that since Western media have accused Rwanda – after producing no proof of course – of being one of the countries that uses Pegasus, then the countless atrocities CMI has inflicted in Rwandans are justified.  

But which Rwandans does Ruhima mean?

It is those Rwandans that refuse to be part of the Museveni-sponsored RNC terrorism operation in Uganda, of which no doubt Ruhima is a part of (on the propaganda front). In Museveni’s Uganda, the most unfortunate thing for a Rwandan – either visiting or resident – is to be approached by agents of Kayumba Nyamwasa’s RNC, who usually work in pairs with CMI operatives, to be asked to join “in the fight against Kagame.”

We’ve seen how that works. When RNC so-called “cadres” identify and approach a Rwandan in Uganda to ask him to join them, and if that person then refuses, he is automatically accused of being “a spy for Kigali.” That person will be targeted by RNC agents, who of course are empowered because they work with CMI. That Rwandan, if he or she is a businessperson, will be accused of “taking funds from Kigali to operate in Uganda.” If it is a visitor, they will be accused of entering Uganda “to spy.” In such ways, CMI and RNC agents have violently abducted people and thrown them into the dungeons at Mbuya, or at CMI Kireka police station, or in any ungazetted place of detention.

These are the “spies” that Ruhima, using language normally employed by Interahamwe, now is praising Kandiho of “dealing with” – i.e. illegally detaining and torturing. These, and thousands of other Rwandans that Ugandan security agencies abducted in a period between early 2017 up to First March 2019 (when Rwanda issued an advisory to its citizens against travel to Uganda) – from buses; from relatives’ houses where they would be visiting; from trading centers, and so on – are the target of Ruhima’s slanders.

It all begs one question: if Rwanda decided that her citizens weren’t safe in Uganda, and advised them against crossing there, for their own safety, why is Ruhima still whining about the issue of Rwandans in Uganda?”

It is because his paymasters, the bosses of the Ugandan regime, have been hit hard by Rwanda’s decision to protect her people against them. He is whining because Rwanda’s market is no longer open to Ugandan business, and that is seriously hurting Ugandan businessmen and women, firms, companies, and so on, that used to thrive due the Rwandan market.

In the words of Rwandan social media commentators, “Museveni and his acolytes thought Rwanda couldn’t exist without them, but they were so mistaken! We can live very well without them. Let them trade with RNC, or FDLR and other terrorists that they are in bed with!”

These are the main reasons why Ruhima, a propagandist that firmly believes when you repeat a lie a hundred times it becomes truth, is jumping on the Pegasus none-issue to regurgitate the usual, long discredited CMI lies and fictions.

He repeats the smear that the Rwandans whom CMI and RNC agents harassed, jailed incommunicado, denied consular visits, tortured – some to the point of death – are “spies.”

Ruhima probably is banking on the forgetfulness of readers, for instance that his paymasters have been asked, time and again, to produce some proof that the Rwandans they so arbitrarily arrest are guilty of any of the accusations – which in addition to “spying” also include “illegal weapons possession”, or “kidnap.” Ruhima thinks people will forget that in not one incident did CMI produce any evidence, let alone proof, of the charges. As lawyers for Rwandan CMI victims like Eron Kiiza, Gawaya Tegulle, and Anthony Odur among others pointed out: “accusations with no proof are mere concoctions; trumped up charges.”

Another thing the CMI peddler of lies thinks his readers won’t recall is that among the thousands of Rwandans they’ve abducted, there are fathers visiting kids at school, schoolboys and schoolgirls pulled off buses, mothers whose babies were snatched from them, businessmen merely crossing through Uganda to other countries, and so on. In what way are these people “spies”?

Ruhima in his latest article uses hate speech to encourage Kandiho to inflict even more atrocities against Rwandans. He writes: “our security and intelligence services should therefore step up more crackdown against these agents whom Paul Kagame prides on until Uganda is completely too difficult for them to operate.”       

Observers remark that it is not surprising Ruhima usually uses words similar to hate speech in Rwanda in 94. After all Museveni long ago turned Uganda into a safe haven, not only for all sorts of negative anti-Rwanda groups but also for hundreds of genocide suspects wanted in Rwanda for justice.

Ruhima pretty much is their voice in Kampala.

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