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CMI misinformation tries to obfuscate issues as Kigali’s demands for accountability

By Alain Mucyo

As if to stir up more provocation in the run-up to today’s quadripartite heads of state meeting in ongoing efforts to normalize relations, Chimpreports – a website chiefly known as a propaganda tool for Ugandan Military Intelligence, CMI – has published a story titled: “Inside Story: Rwanda Pressures Museveni to Fire UPDF Generals”. It is a smear that further seeks to mislead on key Rwandan demands.

Chimpreports, which is controlled by Col. Charles K. Asiimwe, the head of counterterrorism in Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI), ignores the fact that Rwanda is seeking justice for the hundreds of her citizens that over the past three years suffered all kinds of persecution. These have been characterized by abductions, detention incommunicado, torture and death – all inflicted with utmost impunity by Ugandan authorities and security personnel.

Foremost of the individuals implicated in persecuting innocent Rwandans are CMI Chief Brig. Abel Kandiho, Internal Security Organization (ISO) boss Kaka Bagyenda, UPDF 2nd Division head of Counterintelligence Maj. Mushambo amongst the most notable.

Of particular interest to Rwanda as someone that should face justice is Uganda Regional Cooperation Minister Philemon Mateke, a proven coordinator of terrorist attacks into Rwanda.

According to sources, Ugandan intelligence is rattled by Rwanda’s insistence that Uganda, as part of efforts to normalize relations between the two countries, hold the likes of Kandiho and Bagyenda accountable for their persecution of Rwandans.

Also, among the Ugandan officials that Rwanda has asked to be sanctioned is Chimpreports’ direct handler, Col Asiimwe.

Commentators are saying it is not surprising that Chimpreports is sinking even deeper as it desperately scrambles to save it’s masters.

According to a security analyst in Kigali, it is an act of desperation that Ugandan intelligence is crying foul with claims that Rwanda is “putting pressure” on Uganda when the former demands sanctions upon people that have up to now persecuted and brutalized Rwandans with utmost impunity.

But the demands on Rwanda’s part are covered under the Luanda agreement during which both countries set out a number of issues to be addressed on the road to normalization of ties. “That’s how negotiations go and as long as Uganda agreed to the mechanism it has to accept that demands will be made against it and vice versa,” said our source.

In the article, as usual, Chimpreports outdoes itself trying to sanitize the Ugandan individuals accused of committing crimes against innocent Rwandans. In the process the website makes up a litany of lies; for instance, claims that “Rwanda never provided a list of Rwandans jailed in Uganda”.

Readers have been asking how then it is possible that Uganda has released over 30 Rwandans from torture dungeons in the past few weeks alone in a process Uganda says is “fulfillment of their part bargain to normalize ties”.

The latest arrival is a group of 13, which was received at Kagitumba border at the dawn of this very Wednesday, February 19.

Where then, readers were asking, has Uganda been getting these people from, if according to Chimpreports “Kigali never provided a list”? The website says nothing about that.

Obviously it is one of the lamest things to claim “Rwanda did not provide a list”, yet the Rwandan High Commission has over the past three years been sending so many notes verbale to the Ugandan Foreign Affairs Ministry, notifying them every time Ugandan security agents kidnap, and illegally detain Rwandans, whom they then proceed to hold incommunicado.

The fact is, Ugandan regime security organs have been abducting Rwandans at the bidding of Kayumba Nyamwasa’s RNC, to try to forcefully recruit them into the rebel group – using torture. Or to force others into contributing funds to RNC, refusal which inevitably means torture. Yet very many other Rwandans have been illegally arrested by thieving Ugandan security agents out to rob them of their money or property.

The Chimpreports article also attempts to sanitize RNC, and FDLR a group founded, and commanded by perpetrators of the 94 Genocide against the Tutsi, as well as it’s splinter group RUD-Urunana.

The CMI propaganda tool claims that Nyamwasa’s RNC and RUD-Urunana do not “carry out any military activities”.

This claim flies in the face of documentary proof. The atrocities these terrorist groups have been carrying out in DRC have extensively been documented by the UN, and Ugandan security personnel have been cited as working with them, such as detailed in the December 2018 report by the UN Group of Experts on DRC.

Other than that, numerous, arrested RNC suspects in Rwanda have in detail described the terrorism of the group when it perpetrated a series of grenade attacks in Rwanda from 2010 to 2014 that claimed 17 lives, while up to 400 were left with injuries.

Two RUD-Urunana assailants who were part of an attack in October last year in Kinigi District, during which over a dozen innocent civilians were killed, are among the 13 individuals deported from Uganda on Wednesday morning.

Seleman Kabayija and Fidel Nzabonimpa were among the assailants that participated in the attacks that killed 14 people in Kinigi District with guns, clubs, and stones. When they encountered the full-force of the Rwandan military, 19 of the assailants were put out of action, while five were captured alive. Three of them, amongst whom Kabayija and Nzabonimpa, managed to flee back into Uganda they had come from.

“Immediately they crossed into Uganda, they were received by UPDF officers, with the facilitation of State Minister for Regional Cooperation Philemon Mateke for transportation to Mbarara’s Makenke Barracks,” Rwandan authorities said, with evidence.

Besides the duo, there are two others. These include the overall commander of the terror attack, “Captain” Nshimiye aka Gavana.

“Mugwaneza Eric and Capt. Nshimiye aka Gavana who led the attack in Kinigi with the support of a senior official of the Government of Uganda, have not yet been arrested and handed over to Rwanda,” reads part of a statement issued by the Rwandan Government on Wednesday.

The senior Ugandan officials mentioned above is Philemon Mateke.

To hear Chimpreports claim that RNC and FDLR or RUD-Urunana “do not have military outfits” and therefore “have no intentions of removing the Kigali government by military force” just shows how determined the Ugandan authorities are to cling to their methods of duplicity and lies, a Kigali writer on security matters shook his head.

Their story is easily punctured by the fact of the group of 25, including retired Major Habib Mudathir, who were captured in DRC forests last year and extradited to Rwanda to answer for their acts. They all have told of RNC’s violent anti-Rwanda agenda, with the help of Uganda.

A regular comment one hears in Kigali these days is: ‘if Uganda is really committed to normalizing ties with Rwanda, it must dispense with the propaganda, lies, and provocations, and seek to live up to its part of the bargain.’

The conclusion is, that’s the only way relations can normalize.

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