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CMI kidnaps another Rwandan businessman in Mbarara

On January 4, 2018, at around 8pm, five operatives of Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) kidnapped Emmanuel Cyemayire, a Rwandan businessman in Mbarara district.

Cyemayire was bundled up in the presence of his two sons Patrick Cyemayire and Partine Cyemayire at his home.He was loaded in a Toyota Hilux Double Cabin with private number plates and sped off to Mbarara barracks.

The news of the kidnap spread like wild fire in Mbarara after Cyemayire’s kidnappers were seen heading towards Mbarara military barracks.

Virunga Post has learnt that Maj. Fred Mushambo, CMI’s Division Intelligence Officer, had been at Cyemayire’s home shortly before he was kidnapped.

But Mushambo did not find him at home. Cyemayire had been at work in Mbarara town where he runs a shop, Sanyu Electronics.

Cyemayire began doing business in Mbarara in 2013 together with his wife Yvonne Mukakalisa.
Sources told this website that Cyemayire, and many other Rwandans in Mbarara, had been on Pastor Deo Nyirigira’s watch-list. Pastor Nyirigira owns AGAPE church in Mbarara. He is also an agent of the Rwanda National Congress (RNC) in Mbarara District.

This website has extensively covered the links between the RNC and CMI, as well as the kidnappings that have been facilitated by Pastor Nyirigira.

Other RNC agents, Charles Sande (alias Robert Mugisha), Felix Mwizerwa (Pastor Nyirigira’son), and Dr. Sam Ruvuma, who was briefly arrested and released after CMI intervention on his behalf – have also been facilitating recruitment drives with operations on behalf of the RNC.

Pastor Nyirigira runs an underground network that involves identifying Rwandans to kidnap and torture in CMI facilities on the basis that they are pro-Rwandan government.
Up until last month the operations were intensified in Mbarara where recently seven Rwandan businessmen and women were kidnapped and taken to Kampala CMI and tortured.

Overall, these operations are overseen by Rugema Kayumba (a cousin of Kayumba Nyamwasa) and CMI’s CPL Mulindwa aka Mukombozi, under the protection of General Abel Kandiho of CMI.

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