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CMI-controlled Chimpreports rushes out falsehoods on Kinshasa arrest of former chief of Congolese intelligence

By Jackson Mutabazi

Kalev Mutondo

Chimpreports, one of the Kampala propaganda tools – this one controlled by Col. CK Asiimwe the head of counterterrorism in Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence – has this Wednesday rushed out a lie-filled article about the arrest in Kinshasa of Kalev Mutondo, a former intelligence chief of DRC.

In an article published this Wednesday; Chimpreports claimed that, “according to reports Mutondo – who was former president Kabila’s chief of intelligence – had been arrested at Kinshasa’s airport as he returned from Addis Ababa aboard an Ethiopian Airlines plane.”

However, the speed with which Chimpreports rushed to put this article out begs the question regarding the real motive behind the deliberate false information reported in this article.

Why was a Ugandan tool of misinformation so eager to write about a former intelligence official in Kinshasa?

Inquiries have revealed that in fact Kalev Mutondo was not coming from Ethiopia.

Congolese sources indicate Mutondo was coming from Kampala. Multiple DRC media accounts reported the fact that Mutondo was coming from the Ugandan capital, and the same media accounts also revealed that the Congolese had met with some senior UPDF generals.

The manner in which Chimpreports put out its article suggests the urgent need to cover up the real facts. Chimpreports failed efforts at damage control serve as further unshakeable confirmation of what people have been saying, it is in fact nothing other than a Kampala tool of misinformation.

Uganda has a history of illegal, or provocative dealings with individuals or groups that serve to destabilize neighboring countries.

Last year in March for instance Museveni met in Entebbe State House with two senior officials of Kayumba Nyamwasa’s RNC – a terrorist group that’s one of the Ugandan leader’s proxy groups in his long-term plan to destabilize Rwanda. The two were Charlotte Mukankusi, and Eugene Gasana.

When media reported the story, Museveni confessed he had met them – with an infamous claim said he however “had met the two accidentally”!

The Kampala regime’s proxies in DRC – composed of a number of illegal armed groups that for a long time wreaked terror in the vast country, and that have been a source of insecurity in the wider region – have suffered a series of routs in DRC; their top commanders killed, and many captured alive.

RNC’s was smoked out of Minembwe mid last year; one of its top commanders Rtd. Captain Charles Sibo killed, and Habib Mudathir plus scores of RNC fighters captured alive and repatriated to Kigali to stand trial for their crimes. Sylvester Mudacumura the commander of FDLR was put out of action in September last year. Also, hundreds of the Uganda-backed rebels have put up their hands and surrendered.

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