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CMI and RNC take The East African, New Vision, and NTV to Arua to whitewash RNC’s Rujugiro’s image

Alex Muhumuza

Reliable sources have disclosed to this website that on Tuesday March 26, 2019, a team of journalists from the New Vision, The East African and NTV travelled on a mission to provide coverage of Rujungiro’s tobacco company based in Arua. According to these sources, this mission had been planned for 19 – 22 March 19 but was postponed to March, 26-29.

The sources indicate that the Arua visit was aimed at portraying Rujungiro as a selfless investor whose Meridien Tobacco Company (in which Salim Saleh has shares) is improving the lives of tobacco farmers, bringing them out of poverty, all the while contributing to the growth of uganda’s economy.

Sources further reveal that the journalists have specifically been briefed to conjure up stories of farmers who were struggling before Rujugiro’s company was established in Arua and are now better off because of it. Moreover, the journalists are informed that community leaders including the local chairman have been briefed to say that the lives of the poor in the community have tremendously improved due to Rujugiro’s investment there.

The “story of change” that is supposed to positively impact Rujugiro’s image is being coordinated by CMI in collaboration with RNC (represented by Sulah Nuwamanya, who traveled with the journalists to Arua).

ongoing campaign

Over the past 3 months the authorities in Uganda have been trying to sanitize Tribert Ayabatwa Rujugiro, the chief financier of the Rwanda National Congress (RNC) whose operations in Uganda is now an open secret.

Public relations campaigns in Uganda’s main newspapers, The New Vision and The Daily Monitor have focused on trying to portray him as a benevolent investor whose business ventures are having a positive impact on Ugandans despite the fact that Rujugiro’s business model corrupts influential people (Salim Saleh is his business partner) at the expense of the common good, such as using those relations to avoid paying taxes. Rujugiro’s publicist and RNC member David Himbara was also recently on NTV-Uganda doing laundry for his boss’s image there.

This campaign to sanitize Tribert Rujugiro is in overdrive following the pressure that the Rwandan government has placed on the authorities in Uganda in relation to Rujugiro’s funding of criminal activities in the region.

It appears the entire state machinery has been put to the task of cleaning Rujugiro’s image. It shows how essential the authorities in Uganda consider him to be in their shared scheme to destabilize Rwanda.

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