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CMI abducts RNC members in Uganda for abandoning Nyamwasa, but continues to work with those that remain loyal to him

By Moses Gisa

After former RNC bigwig Jean Paul Tirayishimye (center) defected with others to form a new group, his former boss Kayumba Nyamwasa (left) is working with Uganda CMI to silence Turayishimye’s recruits in Uganda. Right is Nyamwasa’s friend, CMI’s Maj. Gen. Abel Kanduho.

News reaching Virunga Post indicates that Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence has struck against supporters of a new group that is trying to take members away from Kayumba Nyamwasa and his RNC. Thirty-six members of the newly established anti-Rwanda outfit, the Ottawa-based Rwanda Alliance for Change – widely described as “just another armchair terror group” have been arrested in Uganda. This happened on 12 June 2020 when members of Uganda Police rounded up the individuals in Nama, Mityana District, and transferred them to the dreaded Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI).

The new group in Ottawa is made up of former Rwanda National Congress (RNC) members that have defected from the Kayumba Nyamwasa-led group during what is being described as “a time of great unraveling within the group.”

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RAC, the new armchair terrorist group, according to reports, has been started by former RNC “chief of intelligence”, Jean Paul Turayishimye, as well as other defected RNC members like Benoit Umuhoza (formerly of “RNC France Province”), among others.

This website has learnt that “things have become so bad for Nyamwasa’s leadership of RNC in Uganda that his former staunch ally, ‘Pastor’ Deo Nyirigira of AGAPE Church in Mbarara, also until very recently ‘chairman’ RNC Uganda Province’ has abandoned him.” Nyirigira, known most notoriously as someone that has betrayed so many innocent Banyarwanda in western Uganda to CMI for arrest and illegal detention on concocted charges of “spying for Rwanda”, reportedly has turned against Nyamwasa.

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Nyirigira too has defected from Nyamwasa and become a supporter of RAC, according to very reliable sources. “He has been persuading RNC members to abandon Nyamwasa, and join RAC,” according to our sources.

Recent news reports indicate that Nyirigira is “very bitter that Nyamwasa lured his daughter Jackie Umuhoza, who lives in Kigali, to join RNC activities without informing him.”

According to these reports, when Rwandan security authorities arrested Umuhoza on suspicion of terrorism, due her RNC activities – a group that between 2010 and 14 perpetrated grenade attacks in Rwanda that killed 17 people and injured 400 others – that’s when Nyirigira turned. Now he is working actively against Nyamwasa.

Among the newly arrested supporters of RAC are Abubakar Musabyimana, Kagabo, Muhamud, and Kagaba that were appointed to head RAC in the Nakivale Refugee Camp. Others include Said and Vuguziga that were supposed to oversee activities at Rwamwanja. Gatete, alias Asiimwe, Abel and Sulaiman Montari were to represent the armchair group’s interests in Kakumiro, while Ismael Mugarura was posted at Kyaka camp.

One of the arrestees, John Ndinazo is said to be a close ally of Nyirigira.

According to reliable sources in Uganda, Ndinazo and others were summoned by Nyirigira for briefing on the new modus operandi of conducting recruitment and mobilization in Nakivale, Kyaka, and Rwamwanja refugee camps. But then Nyirigira didn’t show up for the meeting, sending a representative instead. “He must have sensed danger,” a source disclosed.

That is when CMI pounced, rounding up all members of the gathering.

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Reports indicate that CMI operatives are now hunting down RNC members affiliated with Nyirigira and Turayishimye. Nyamwasa is believed to have been in touch with CMI head Maj. Gen. Abel Kandiho, to arrest – meaning abduct – and torture any defector. “Rwandans in refugee camps are now living under fear of CMI brutal operations,” said a scared source.

However even as CMI is hunting down anyone suspected of those crossing over to the Turayishimye faction, those that retain loyalty to Nyamwasa, such as his agents Sulah Nuwamanya and Prossy Boonabana continue to operate freely in Uganda. According to highly reliable sources, the two RNC agents enjoy CMI protection and work without hindrance while living in a CMI-owned house protected by guards, in Mutungo in the Ugandan capital.

Even with Uganda Government claims that it has “disbanded Self-Worth Initiative” – a pseudo NGO that was just a cover for Nuwamanya and Bonabaana’s recruitment and mobilization activities – the two individuals are still carrying on with the support of Kampala. They, and other “RNC Uganda Province” agents still loyal to Nyamwasa are involved in additional activities like setting establishing RNC cells in various parts of Uganda among them: Mbarara, Kampala, Kiboga, Kyenkwanzi, Hoima, Gayaza, Kakumiro, Kiryanga, Mubende, Kyenjojjo, and Mityana.

Such is the Nyamwasa group’s freedom to operate in Uganda that its members or coordinators have been carrying out meetings, in broad daylight, in all these places.

“No one can dare arrest them due the protection that CMI provides them,” our sources say.

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