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Caught red-handed importing guns to kill Ugandans, CMI propaganda attempts to deflect blame upon Rwanda

By Alex Muhumuza

The Webuye weighbridge in Kenya (left) where trucks full of guns were intercepted. The guns’ final destination was Kampala, where the state has been shooting and killing supporters of the opposition.

An article published on the Commandonepost website – one of the numerous propaganda outlets on the payroll of Ugandan Military Intelligence, CMI – yesterday claimed that a shipment of guns recently seized in Kenya is “linked to Rwanda.”

The conclusion to be drawn from the claims of the website, run by one Bob Atwine who is on the CMI payroll, is that the guns – which were allegedly seized last week at a weighbridge in Webuye in Western Kenya – were being smuggled by Rwanda into Kampala “to contribute to the insecurity there.”

The article makes several claims in an attempt to establish the supposed link between Rwanda, and the election-campaign insecurity and violence currently roiling Uganda. But everything about this story only incriminates Kampala, which is the true purchaser of the weapons that were intercepted in flatbed trucks by Kenyan Police.

The first fact to know is that the final destination of the guns was KAMPALA.

The second fact to know is that the issue of the guns was first reported in Kenyan media.

A Nairobi-based website, kenyans.co.ke wrote on 19 last week: “5 trucks destined for Uganda have been seized by Kenya’s security apparatus following a tip-off that the trucks were ferrying sensitive security cargo. According to police reports, two of the trucks were seized at the Webuye weighbridge, just an hour from the Malaba Border. Two other trailers had been seized in Nairobi, while one was flagged down in Bungoma.” The Kenyan website then reveals: “Paperwork from the trucks showed they were coming from Mombasa, and indicated Kampala as the final destination.” 

Clearly Rwanda had nothing to do with these trucks or the guns in them. “Obviously, Museveni’s people were transporting more guns to kill Ugandans with, so as to suppress them from voting other candidates,” said a security analyst that talked off record. “But caught red handed, of course CMI rushes to turn Rwanda into a scapegoat!”

Commandonepost, whose primary duty as a tool of anti-Rwanda propaganda also includes deflecting upon Rwanda blame for crimes committed by its bosses, must have realized that a story in Kenyan media about trucks full of guns intercepted en-route to Kampala would immediately incriminate them. These weapons, it would be obvious even to a child, were imported by the security apparatus of Uganda and their purpose is to kill supporters of opposition parties that have shown very strongly they are fed up with the government of President Museveni.

The world, through social media, has seen the horrific violence Uganda’s forces have been inflicting on supporters of MP Robert Kyagulanyi, the candidate attracting overwhelming numbers of masses to his side.

The cities and towns of Uganda are crawling with troops, police, militias known as LDUs, and several elements in civilian attire toting guns – all of whose job is to suppress supporters of the opposition. They have been brutally arresting, clobbering, or shooting them, and throwing many in jails. They have been running over peaceful protestors with vehicles, and shooting many indiscriminately.

“Uganda is awash in guns, but who else is arming all these government goons? It is the government!” a media source in Kampala remarked.

Commandonepost, in its latest mission to try to tarnish Rwanda for the crimes of its Kampala bosses, however, goes about the task in the shoddiest way possible.

The CMI-affiliated website begins by plagiarizing several paragraphs of the article from kenyans.co.ke, and then alters it by injecting in anti-Rwanda propaganda. (There wasn’t mention of anything to do with Rwanda in the original article). So shoddy is the article that the photographs Commandonepost uses of the supposed guns in fact is a picture of weapons in Nigeria, according to sharp-eyed social media accounts.

Commandonepost claims: “sources told this website that the swift action of the Kenyan General Service Unit followed after a tip off from Ugandan operatives from External Security Organization in Kenya.”

The supposed action is exposed as a fiction cooked up by Commandonepost since at no point does the Kenyan media that broke the story on Kampala’s guns mention any supposed cooperation from Ugandan agents.

Several other cooked up fictions, or fictitious quotes follow to create the impression that “Rwandan security, or state operatives were involved in fomenting violence in Uganda.”

Some of these are claims that “Rwanda Defense Intelligence working with some actors inside Uganda were behind the move to sneak in these guns, and use them to fight Uganda government sources.”

Other claims are that “a senior Rwandan military officer has been receiving funds for the operation.”

Yet other allegations vaguely insinuate that Ambassador Joseph Rutabana, recently appointed as Rwanda’s High Commissioner to Kampala is “running the operation.”

“Everything is just innuendo, insinuations and lies, and there is nothing they back with one fact. These lies includes the tired rumor that Rwanda’s aim is to support a full scale war on Uganda, where it will be fighting a proxy war using wrong elements that have been fighting Uganda from DRC,” said the security source who talked to us off the record.

“Once again we also see their projections with the allegation that Rwanda wants to fight them using proxies.

“But it is the other way round; it is Museveni using terrorist proxies like Nyamwasa and his RNC, or FDLR, RUD-Urunana and other terrorist groups in hopes of destabilizing Rwanda, but has failed miserably!”  

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