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Ntwali, Nyamwasa’s brother-in-law that has risen within RNC courtesy of nepotism

By Robert Rutoma The mention of the name Frank Ntwali elicits a mixture of emotions from many who know him as one of the kingpins...

Fake “son of Rwandan Genocide survivors” raises 67,000 UK pounds online.

By Jean Gatera The crowdfunding for one Dylan Kawende for his tuition fees at Cambridge University in the United Kingdom has caused uproar in Rwandan...

The story of a dubious man that spins dubious tales on a dubious “Radio”, Itahuka

By Robert Rutoma Few people come across as less informed about their subject as one Theogene Rutayomba – another one of those self-exiled Rwandans...

For cash there is very little that RNC’s Robert Higiro wouldn’t do, sources

Robert Rutoma As a high-ranking military official of Rwanda National Congress, Robert Higiro has been a frequent guest at every imaginable talk show to throw...

Woman whose arm was hacked off in Uganda prays for justice

By Patience Kirabo Among the many stories of Rwandan nationals that have fallen victim to violence and abuses in Uganda – just because they are...



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