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Uganda blame games on Covid-19 shift to target Kenya

By Jean Gatera According to Chimpreports —a Ugandan outlet under CMI control— President Museveni blames Kenya for Covid-19 deaths of Ugandans in Mbale and Namisindwa. He made...

Desperate times in Uganda lead to spike in suicides

By Hannah Rugema The COVID-19 death toll in Uganda is significantly higher than being communicated, with cases of suicide directly linked to the pandemic...

LDU re-deployment strikes fear in Uganda

By Jean Gatera Human rights activists and organizations are alarmed following reports that LDUs (Local Defense Units) will be redeployed, according to the authorities, to...

Covid-19 pushes Uganda’s Health Sector to brink of collapse, Kampala sources.

By Jean Gatera Uganda’s health sector has been hard-hit by the Covid-19 pandemic and, “despite the rosy official statistics the situation has been bad,” sources...

A double whammy of international reports heavily implicate Uganda in Ituri violence, and smuggling conflict minerals

By Melodie Mukansonera A new report by the International Crisis Group has singled out Uganda as “a key player fueling the upsurge of...



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