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We must never tire exposing a revisionist agenda; one that’s also become a cash cow

By David Majoro Ever since proven genocide revisionist Judi Rever published her revisionist book, In Praise of Blood, the woman has become unbearably insufferable. Reading her self-aggrandizing, self-adoring, self-everything tweets, Facebook posts or essays, anyone that does not know better would think this is some brave selfless crusader for justice, “fighting to expose a monster” called Kagame. Rever obviously will

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Museveni, Rudasingwa, in a panic fit as Habyarimana plane case crashes in Paris

By Atukunda Patience The recent decision by French investigative judges Jean-Marc Herbaut and Nathalie Poux to “definitively” close, for lack of evidence, the investigation into the shooting down of the plane that was carrying President Habyarimana in 1994 has hit revisionists of the Genocide against the Tutsi – and their hidden hand, President Museveni – particularly hard. The unifying feature

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Could Museveni’s “hidden” Rwandan identity be the cause of his hostility towards Rwanda?

From the first day of the almost 33 years he has (mis)ruled Uganda, President Yoweri Museveni has been heavily dogged by the question of whether he is a “true Ugandan”, or whether, in reality, he is a Rwandan. This persistent question has followed the current leader of Uganda for most of his life. For instance, in Uganda’s 1980 national elections,

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Museveni’s CMI misinformation website overcooks comments by US political groups

By Charles Kamya Ssentamu A website called Spy Reports has run a headline entitled US Congress warns Kagame against jailing Diane Rwigara, on a statement about a Rwandan woman who is already out of jail on bail, facing a court trial while out of detention. Spy Reports’ sweeping “US congress warns Kagame” headline and story builds on a brief statement

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