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Ugandan state newspaper props up Nyamwasa in puff piece

By Alex Muhumuza An article in Uganda’s state newspaper, The New Vision, of Saturday 26 January 2019 ran the following heading on page 18: “Special District Administrators were a mix of military and civilian cadres, well-informed about the ideologies of the National Resistance Movement.” Amongst the “cadres” singled out for mention is Faustin Kayumba Nyamwasa. Under the picture of a

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Mafia patrons want to take over MTN

By Alex Muhumuza For almost a week Uganda’s propaganda papers have been trying to spin the harassment of MTN staff by the country’s security forces. They seem to be unsure, however, about the theme they should push. As a result, they have been all over the place, with a story that seems to change each day. Nevertheless, one of the

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The propaganda and extortion games behind MTN Uganda’s troubles

By Rutore Samugabo The Museveni administration’s organs of propaganda have stepped up the tempo in their demonizing of Rwanda in the aftermath of the arrests and deportations of top MTN Uganda staff – one of them Annie Tabura, a national of Rwanda. A website called ‘’ was at it on Wednesday this week – echoing Sarah Kagingo’s ‘Softpower’ website –

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Barnabus Taremwa lies in job application to Museveni

By Patience Muvunyi Bernabus Taremwa has recently been writing a series of articles in the form of open letters in the ChimpReports. Initially he posed as a “concerned citizen” whose interest was helping to restore relations between Uganda and Rwanda. Eventually, he dropped the pretence, revealing his real motives: He wants a job. “I also suspect you don’t have many

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I came to terms with who I am; so must Museveni

By Sophia Natukunda I read about politics often, whether in local or international media. I have been a keen follower of politics and political actors for close to three decades. In all this time, I have resisted from publicly commenting on public affairs. However, when I read Bernabas Taremwa’s letter on the “silent war” between Uganda and Rwanda, I thought

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