John Simbaburanga: Attempting to stoke insurrections from a refugee camp in Belgium while claiming to live in S. Africa

By ktpress For anyone that has seen the social media posts of one John Simbaburanga, this man likes to boast that he is an “opposition...

RUD-Urunana in limbo as dozens of its fighters surrender in a month

By Fred Gashema The feuds within the remnants of the “Rassemblement pour l’Unité et Démocratie” (RUD-Urunana) have reached a boiling point as scores of its...

Profile: How genocide survivor Kasinge contracted Stockholm Syndrome, turning revisionist

By Mary Cyusa Earlier this month, excommunicated priest and father to dozens of out-of-wedlock children Thomas Nahimana and his syndicate of fellow failed politicians dubbed...

Understanding why the new Ministry of Unity and Civic Engagement unnerved genocide ideologues

Robert Rutooma There is a saying in Kinyarwanda that when you throw a stone in a pack of wild dogs, the one that’s hit will...

CMI man Maj. Kyatuka shoots dead man with Rwandan ties in extortion scheme run by Kandiho

By Alain Mucyo On Wednesday 14 July 2021 a UPDF officer identified as Maj. Nelson Kyatuka attached to the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence shot a...



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