The harrowing tales of the sex-trafficking business in Uganda; a racket controlled by the powerful

For long, Ugandans have been hearing stories of a human trafficking racket in the country; a dirty business controlled by very powerful people. What...

CMI-paid hate monger attempts to justify CMI crimes against innocent Rwandans by exploiting faux Pegasus “scandal”

By Jean Gatera Jonah Ruhima – one of the hate-mongers on the payroll of Maj. Gen. Abel Kandiho, director of Uganda’s military intelligence, CMI –...

After plagiarizing a Western media story, The Observer of Uganda invents own allegations against Rwanda

By Alex Muhumuza A baffling headline has appeared this Wednesday in a Ugandan newspaper, The Observer, claiming to quote President Kagame telling Uganda: “Yes, we...

A faux scandal manufactured in Western media sends Museveni minions and unholy alliances into feverish excitement

By Alex Muhumuza A scandal manufactured in the West – the Pegasus spyware that certain governments are accused of using to track phones of targeted...

Latest lie from Kampala propaganda media smears Rwanda and DRC

By Alex Muhumuza A Kampala propaganda outlet has, this Friday, published a piece that claims “Rwanda is involved with rebels of the ADF in massacres...



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