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Kampala mouthpiece’s latest attempt to drag Rwanda into Uganda’s problems badly fails

By Rutore Samugabo Kampala’s unrelenting efforts to drag Rwanda into problems of its own doing – while tarnishing Kigali with all sorts of concocted smears of “Rwandan spying”, or “Rwandan plans for war against Uganda” – are behind a lead story on the Chimpreports website. Titled, “Inside story: ‘Rwanda penetration’, power struggles trigger storm at MTN”, the lengthy article however

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MTN officials deported for lack of evidence

By Alex Muhumuza Reading through the Kampala regime’s several propaganda outlets, one would be excused for thinking its security agencies had outed a major spy network in Uganda, and as usual they point their fingers at Rwanda. Softpower, a website that serves as one of the many propaganda and misinformation outlets of the Ugandan state – this one run by

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Uganda regime now “advertising” for refugees

By Jackson Mutabazi The “corruption cake” that Uganda’s Office of the Prime Minister exploits from refugees has become too sweet, new developments on Ugandan borders indicate. “The cake” has become so sweet to the extent the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) is now advertising for refugees on the borders of Rwanda and Uganda. This “advertisement” is in the form

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