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Rwanda’s commitment to improving the quality of public education

By Joan Balinda The ministry of education announced this month that it has started recruiting around 29,000 teachers to improve the student to teacher...

As Gen Muhoozi signals better relations; Kandiho’s proxies undermine him

By Jackson Mutabazi Uganda is sending conflicting signals to Rwanda regarding restoring relations between the two countries. On the one hand Lt Gen Muhoozi...

Rwandan president conducts routine visit at military academy; Kampala misinformation jumps to distort it

By Alex Muhumuza Spyreports, a Kampala propaganda outlet run by one Bob Atwine, somehow is very concerned that President Paul Kagame visited the Gako...

In publishing Burundian misinformation, Ugandan propaganda outlet also serves Kampala’s interests

By Alex Muhumuza Over the past few days Chimpreports, a Kampala propaganda outlet known to be under the control of Ugandan Military Intelligence (CMI), has...

On relieving of Gen. Nyamvumba from his duties, Chimpreports should know Rwanda is a country of laws

By Alex Muhumuza The relieving of Gen. Patrick Nyamvumba from his duties as minister of internal security by President Kagame unsurprisingly has attracted negative commentary...



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