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BREAKING: Uganda repatriates two bodies of Rwandan nationals assassinated in Uganda

By Melodie Mukansonera

Today at around mid-day, Ugandan officials repatriated bodies of two Rwandans nationals who were extra-judicially killed in Uganda. The bodies that were handed over are of Paul Bangirana, 47, and Dusabimana Theoneste 52.

The bodies of Rwandan victims of Ugandan security forces, Paul Bangirana and Dusabimana Theoneste, being handed over to Rwanda by Ugandan authorities.

Bangirana was murdered on Sept 02 and his lifeless body dumped in the Bugarama Parish of Buhara Sub-County, in Kabale District. Eyewitnesses say some men abducted and dragged the Rwandan to an unknown location, screaming and shouting. The men returned hours later with his dead body, and dumped it near the border. It was a CMI-style abduction. The murderers had stripped Bangirana of all his clothes, and placed a bottle of waragi by his dead body. 

For Dusabimana, he was assassinated at his home in Kibumba Parish of Karujanga Sub County in Uganda’s Kabale District on the night of August 29 and his body was found the following day in the morning around 10:30 found dead with multiple stab wounds.

Dusabimana was found lying in a pool of blood by about 700 meters away from the Rwanda border, from the village of Kagugu, in the Rubaya Sector of Gicumbi District.

Ugandan security authorities murdered Dusabimana, sources familiar with the incident said. They victimized Dusabimana, who has been a resident of Kabale for some time. He was murdered on his way to Rwanda. According to sources, the killers robbed the deceased of a million Rwandan francs, and his belongings were taken from his lifeless body.

Kabale District Mayor Nelson Nshangabasheija led the Ugandan delegation that brought the bodies while on the Rwandan side the bodies where received by Gicumbi Mayor, Felix Ndayambaje.

Available records indicate that Ugandan authorities have murdered 20 Rwandans, while close to 4000 have been abducted and held incommunicado before dumping them at the border.

“This is the kind of lawlessness that guides Ugandan security forces when targeting innocent Rwandans,” a Kigali media commentator said.

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