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NRM wastes anniversary on promoting Kayumba

By Patience Muvunyi

On January 26, the National Resistance Movement (NRM) celebrated its anniversary for the capture of Kampala in 1986. It marked 33 years with President Museveni at the helm. It is customary that newspapers in Uganda write sponsored articles that highlight the party’s achievements since coming to power and this time was no different.

However, what is rather unusual is how The New Vision, the state newspaper, was deliberate in profiling Kayumba Nyamwasa, the renegade former general now in exile who heads the Rwanda National Congress (RNC) that has declared war on Rwanda. Reading between the lines suggests that either the authorities in Uganda knew that this profiling would incense Rwanda but chose to do it anyways, or they are embarking on a public relations effort to make Uganda’s support for the former general acceptable to us.

Kayumba Nyamwasa is the only assistant district administrator profiled in the piece titled “NRM special district administrator team,” which raises questions about what is so special about him when the newspaper found no need of highlighting other assistants who also served at the time. District administrators were not Kayumba’s colleagues since he was junior to them. In other words, there are other such colleagues of theirs they could have profiled; moreover, these who were omitted are Ugandans. Instead, efforts were made to trace an obscure assistant – who is not even a Ugandan – but who also happens to be in exile and has declared war on his own country.

It is the classic case of trying to conceal a fake note among a pile of real currency. By lumping Kayumba (the fake note) in a group he does not belong to (the cash bundle) the aim was to nostalgically talk about Kayumba while using the rest as camouflage. It’s also akin to money laundering. What interest do the Ugandan authorities have in laundering Kayumba Nyamwasa?

The answer seems to be that they want to make him acceptable to Ugandans. The shared scheme between the RNC and Museveni’s government to destabilise Rwanda requires that someone acceptable to Ugandans is found with whom to drive a wedge between the people of the two countries.

This explains why the state media is profiling Kayumba Nyamwasa on Uganda’s NRM liberation day and why they speak about him as someone who is really missed as an NRM cadre. Indeed, one wonders whether it is a recruitment overture intended to rehire their “loved cadre.”

In this relationship, Frank Ntwari, Kayumba’s brother-in-law, has played the role of go-between, frequently shuttling from South Africa, where both reside, to Kampala running errands between Kayumba and the Ugandan leadership, including planning and coordinating coalition meetings with the FDLR and other anti-Rwanda groups.

Inciting Ugandans against Rwanda

For more than a year now, the Ugandan authorities have intensified their scheme to destabilise Rwanda, targeting ordinary Rwandans for harassment, torture, and deportation. They have in addition gradually stepped up their efforts to incite Ugandans against their brothers and sisters in Rwanda.

The introduction of Kayumba Nyamwasa as someone Ugandans should hold in esteem is the next logical step: To make the Ugandan authorities support of his criminal scheme acceptable to Ugandans in order to further their shared cause of destabilising his home country, Rwanda.

The article in the New Vision has further opened the lid on the conflict between Rwanda and Uganda by introducing another aspect that suggests that the latter has formally began the process of seeking popular support for Kayumba Nyamwasa and his Rwanda National Congress.

It should not surprise anyone that the laundering of Kayumba Nyamwasa’s image will be matched with the intensification of the harassment of Rwandans, by particularly targeting those who reject entreaties to join the effort to destabilise their country, which has been the pattern for more than a year now.

As national and regional attention was on the NRM as it celebrated its anniversary, it chose to launder Kayumba Nyamwasa as someone they are proud to associate with and one they remember nostalgically. Most of the real special district administrators they profiled in order to conceal this Kayumba Nyamwasa whitewash campaign are no longer alive. However, the NRM does not have to talk about Kayumba as if he is unavailable, unemployed, and ready and willing for hire to continue serving them.

The nightmare of Sgt. Maj. Robert Kabera’s defiled daughter

By Mary Cyusa

Sgt. Maj. Robert Kabera (pictured) who has fled to Uganda following a heinous crime. He should be repatriated to answer for what he has done.

The 15-year old daughter of Sgt. Maj. Robert Kabera is distraught. She is traumatized. She has injuries, and is crying. She also wants justice; she wants her father arrested and made answerable for what he did to her.

Kabera, a soldier and musician in the RDF band, according to his daughter committed the crime in the evening of November 21, then fled – from his home in Ndera, Gasabo District – the very following day. He escaped to Uganda using a porous route in the Kagitumba area.

Kabera’s daughter Uwera (real name withheld for confidentiality) said her nightmare began on a day like any other. She woke up in the morning, took a bath and went to school. When she came back for lunch, her step-mother whom they were living together told her she was taking the baby to Mutara, so she might not find anyone home when she came back from school later that day.

Even the night was like all others. Her father went to a bar and called her at mid-night on a neighbour’s phone. “The neighbour knocked on our door and told me that daddy wanted to talk to me. When we talked, he was in a very loud place with so many men talking around him. He was in a bar,” Uwera narrates. “He told me to tell my brother (who usually slept in the sitting room) to take my room, and that I should sleep in his.”

It was something usual that her father goes to drink until morning. So, Uwera told her brother to do as their father said, but told him he would get back to his spot once he came back home.

Kabera reached home at 2 am. He was with other two men that Uwera told to go to their houses because her father had work at 6 am.

She then gave her father help so he could reach his room because he was very drunk. “He usually even exceeds that level, only that my step mother usually is the one that takes him to bed,” says the tearful Uwera.

Just as she was about to go back to her room, Kabera called her back. “I sat on his bed and he started taking off the long socks I was wearing.” She says she found this weird. But she only told him it was already morning and her Saturdays are usually hectic.

“Who is the father here?” Kabera shot back. “Who gives orders here? Me or you!?” To all the questions she vulnerably replied, “You.”

He then ordered her to lie on the bed, but she said “but daddy, everyone here has their own bed.” “He then angrily pushed me on the bed and forced himself on me,” the girl says blowing her nose and wiping tears.

She says when he forced himself on her she was crying loudly, but her brother, whom she says is not well, could not do a thing.

When Kabera was done abusing the child, he said “my daughter” and got away from her. She ran away as he grabbed a machete from under his bed and ran after his daughter, shouting he was going to commit suicide. Uwera was struggling to open the door so she could run, but Kabera took the keys from her. She feared he could cut her. But he let her go to her room.

“What can I do to keep this between us?” Kabera asked, but she told him “nothing, get out of my room!”

Dawn was the only thing she was waiting for, so she could run away from the house. At 4 am, she sneaked out and took a bike to her maternal uncle’s who then took her to the Isange One Stop Centre, where it was established that severe harm was done to her.

Now Kabera is in Uganda where he has since been talking to the country’s media claiming he has fled “because my life and family are in danger.” He claims this is because “I have fallen out with the Kigali government,” something that prompted social media commentators to ask how a sergeant could “fall out” with the government.

“It is the usual thing for wrongdoers to make up stories to tarnish government,” said an official that requested not to be named.

Kabera has gone as far as concocting a story that “my country does not want anyone to interact with the Rwigema family, to whom I am related.”

This lie is refuted by members of Kabera’s own family. His brother Sadi Ngabo said, “in no way are we related with the Rwigemas at all. It is just a strange lie!”  

Family of Sgt. Maj. Kabera who defiled his daughter and fled to Uganda urge him to hand himself in

By Yves Muneza

Sgt. Maj. Robert Kabera fled to Uganda after committing a heinous crime, but from there he is telling fabricated stories.

The family of deserted and disgraced RDF soldier Sgt. Maj. Robert Kabera, who fled to Uganda to evade justice after violating his own daughter, is urging him to hand himself in.

Kabera, better known as “Sergeant Robert” throughout his music career, crossed to Uganda last Sunday after committing the crime on his daughter who currently is receiving treatment.

Upon reaching Uganda, Robert Kabera was interviewed by different propaganda and mainstream media outlets there. Those media gave him forum to claim that he was seeking asylum “following political persecution at home.” Kabera further claimed that he was being victimized because of his “close affiliations to the family of late General Fred Rwigema.”

But the Ugandan media articles were more in the propagandist mold, as they did not seek to ascertain facts.

Virunga Post has established from members of Kabera’s family that all the allegations he made claiming he was fleeing because he was “threatened by Rwandan security authorities” were total fabrications. He fled justice for the appalling crime on his fifteen-year old daughter. “Now he is telling lies against Rwanda,” lamented a family member.

Talking to Virunga Post on behalf of Kabera’s family members, Sadi Ngabo, his brother, said that the things that Ugandan media have been quoting Kabera about the family of the late Fred Rwigema are fabrications. “He cannot use Rwigema as an escape route from his crimes! He had no connection in any manner to the family of Rwigema.”

“We as family members condemn in the strongest terms Robert’s immoral acts of defiling his own daughter, then fleeing justice to then lie that the Rwanda government is hunting him because he is related to Rwigema family!” Ngabo added: “Robert and I share the same father and I can tell you that in no way are we related to Rwigema. He cannot use the name of a highly venerated name to cover for his crime.”

Ngabo added that leave alone the fact they have no relation with the late Rwigema from their father’s family, they have no connections whatever from their mothers’ side. “It is a pity that Robert would choose to lie like that!” he said, further urging his brother to hand himself in for the terrible thing he has done.

“For my brother to flee to Uganda after what he did was very wrong. As a soldier, he should turn himself in and face justice. What he did has given a bad image to the army and the family.” 

Latest on illicit Ugandan guns intercepted in Kenya – Kampala security team secretly negotiates for their release

By Jean Gatera

Ugandan guns were intercepted in Kenya, some at the Bungoma weighbridge (pictured left). Those guns are for regime security forces to kill, harass, and suppress Ugandans with.

New information reaching our website confirms that the guns which Kampala propaganda outlets tried to link to Rwanda – after Kenyan security services intercepted them Tuesday last week – were undoubtedly the property of Uganda.

The latest Virunga Post has learnt is that the consignment of guns – of which there was mixed police anti-riot equipment – were in six flatbed trucks. They were enroute to Kampala when Kenyan intelligence intercepted them, some in Nairobi, some at the Webuye weighbridge in western Kenya, while one truck was flagged down in Bungoma.

According to sources, when the Ugandan regime saw that the story had been reported on in Kenyan media it hatched a plan to smear Rwanda as a ploy to deflect attention from the fact Uganda is importing guns in such huge quantities at a time its security services are engaged in violently suppressing supporters of opposition candidates.

“With the recent events of shootings, and police as well as military violence against supporters of NUP’s candidate Robert Kyagulanyi, Museveni’s security forces did not want anyone, not even  Kenyan authorities, to know that Government was importing even more weapons,” a reliable source informed this website.

When Kenyan media blew the cover off the story, that was when propaganda outlets working with Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence quickly put together an article of fictions and concocted scenarios about “how the guns were linked with Rwandan security services”, supposedly to fight the (Ugandan) government with, “using wrong elements in Kampala.” This tall tale slander among other things claimed the Rwandan High Commissioner to Uganda also was involved in this fictitious plot.

“This is what Museveni’s propaganda does; always finding ways to tarnish Rwanda with their dirty propaganda!” a Rwandan citizen that saw the story exclaimed. “It is just so dirty of them!” he added. “They are very embarrassed at being exposed importing weapons to kill their own people!”

The way the story got uncovered started when the six trucks, heading to Kampala lacked the proper paperwork related to arms imports. But the Ugandan authorities – the purchasers of the weapons – did not inform Kenya that the cargo was a weapons consignment prior to transit to Uganda, as it is customary in International Relations and International Law.

The Ugandans thought they would just sneak the guns, in the trucks that had carried them from Mombasa Port, through Kenya undetected. 

They were wrong, and Kenyan intelligence intercepted them.

According to Article 3 of the UN Protocol Against The Illicit Manufacturing Of And Trafficking In Firearms, what Uganda tried to do is illicit trafficking.

The article states: “Illicit trafficking shall mean the import, export, acquisition, sale, delivery, movement or transfer of firearms, their parts and components and ammunition from or across the territory of one State Party to that of another State Party if any one of the State Parties concerned does not authorize it in accordance with the terms of this Protocol or if the firearms are not marked in accordance with article 8 of this Protocol.”

Kenyan website kenyan.co.ke wrote: “Paperwork from the trucks showed they were coming from Mombasa and indicated Kampala as the final destination.”

Reliable sources have revealed that Uganda dispatched top security officials to Nairobi to negotiate the release of its weapons.

Sources in Uganda confirmed the weapons were ordered by the Ugandan government and that on Tuesday, all six trucks with their guns and anti-riot equipment had crossed into Uganda. 

In its last kicks, terror group CNRD’s interim president threatens “to launch war”

By Joan Karera

FLN rebels. They have been defeated, scattered, and many captured. Now one Francine Umubyeyi is trying to profit off a con game that she can revive them “to fight Rwanda!”.

On one of the anti-Rwanda YouTube channels, Francine Umubyeyi, the interim president of one of the armchair anti-Rwanda terrorist groups, National Council for Renewal and Democracy (CNRD), was heard uttering claims that their militia who belong to the National Liberation Forces (FLN) armed wing are “in training getting ready to attack Rwanda”, something that was strongly derided by commentators who were following the interview.

The US-based Umubyeyi, 39, was previously the “deputy commissioner for political affairs and diplomacy” in CNRD and held the same position in the MRCD coalition. She later took over the position of CNRD president after “Lt. Gen.” Laurent Ndagijimana, alias Wilson Irategeka was killed in the DRC’s military operations against armed militia groups in the east of DRC.

In the interview, Umubyeyi claimed that “FLN is in Nyungwe in preparations for a war, to fight for Rwandans who are in ‘danger’ in the country.” She then went on to utter incitement. “Those of you following us now, you have the responsibility to support this struggle ‘to liberate Rwandans’,” she said, echoing the words of all terrorist groups that have killed innocent civilians.

However, according observers, it’s known that FLN is only capable of peddling such falsehoods, and saying that FLN is in training in Nyungwe Forest is just an imagination because when it tried to attack Rwanda from there in 2018, it was routed by RDF. Information is that almost no one of their militia survived.

In November last year, President Kagame had warned such terror groups that “Rwanda is going to raise the cost high on the part of anybody who wants to destabilize the country’s security.”

Which is the reason, according to one of the observers, “all those who had made such claims like Callixte Nsabimana ‘Sankara’, Rusesabagina, Herman Nsengimana and others are in custody now, facing justice for their crimes.”

Francine Umubyeyi continued with the usual propaganda of hate, fed by falsehoods: “the RPF has failed to completely put an end to the Rwandan refugees’ problem, now it has started to kill them to show that there are no more refugees.” This obviously isn’t true for anyone that knows the facts, said a social media observer. “Rwanda, for instance, is classified by UNHCR, the UN agency for refugees, as a country none of whose citizens has cause to be a refugee.”

As a result, a decade ago, a cessation clause was signed by UNHCR that indicated all Rwandan refugees could safely return home since there was no single factor that could cause any to be a refugee, and it came into force in 2013.

“The fact that this woman has started to go in the media asking for support shows how their terror group FLN is left with nothing since their funder Rusesabagina, and their fighters have been arrested, with the remaining having started to form splinter groups due to misunderstandings.

“She just wants to fleece money from people just like all these terror groups work,” added our source.

In June and December 2018, the FLN attacks in Nyungwe claimed nine unarmed civilians, namely: Joseph Habarurema, Fidèle Munyaneza, Anathole Maniraho, Hilarie Mukabahizi, Diane Jackeline Mutesi, Isaac Niwenshuti, Samuel Nteziryayo, Jeanine Niyobuhungiro and Ornella Sine Atete.

A Nigerian commentator’s strange take on matters to do with Rwanda

By Jason Muhire

Kigali before (94), and today. Makes one wonder how someone called an intellectual would try to draw an equivalence between people that committed genocide, and people that have rebuilt Rwanda.

Nigerian writer Festus Adebayo argues that his country’s president, Muhammadu Buhari “is morphing into Kagame”, in article last Sunday. In doing this Adebayo – who writes for some website called pmparrotng.com – displays insufferable ignorance. Examples of this in Adebayo’s piece are too many to count but one would start with the most glaring. This is someone who attempts commentary on Rwanda and doesn’t seem to know who to blame between those who committed the 1994 Genocide Against the Tutsi, and those who put an end to the horror.

“Kagame started as commander of the Rwanda Patriotic Front, a Uganda-based rebel force that was the core of the blood spillage in the infamous Rwandan genocide that held from April 7 and July 15, 1994 where Hutu extremists killed in cold blood about one million people within a hundred days,” Adebayo writes, mixing genocide denialism and revisionism in a single sentence.

In Adebayo’s revisionist view, which is also evidence of the aforementioned ignorance, it is as if the Hutu extremists, the real core of the blood spillage, who killed in cold blood more than one million people within a hundred days, were part of the RPF! That Adebayo seems unaware that in fact it was the RPF that stopped the Genocide, even as the international community looked on, is a real problem.

If Adebayo had done his research, how hard would it be for him to know that extremists of the genocidal regime were attempting to exterminate a section of the population? Could the Nigerian writer be deliberately engaging in denialism?

Second, it is not coincidental that Adebayo’s main reference as he attempted to vilify Rwanda’s leadership happened to be none other than the corrupt Human Rights Watch (HRW). For years this organization has been waging a relentless campaign to discredit the Rwandan administration. It reached the extent a knowledgeable observer like Richard Johnson, who served as a Foreign Service Officer with the U.S. Department of State, wrote about HRW’s anti-Rwanda crusade as: “a political advocacy which had become profoundly unscrupulous in both its means and its ends.” Yet, Adebayo thinks that HRW “acquitted itself well” in its anti-Rwanda campaign.

But in fact examples abide of HRW’s shoddiness, such as its claims that “Rwanda executed thieves as part of a coordinated campaign.” These were debunked one by one as the very people that HRW claimed had been executed appeared on TV and were shocked to find out that HRW had declared them dead.

But then, even if one were to acquiesce to the absurd claim that Rwanda’s security services killed suspect thieves, Adebayo would still need to tell his audience what such claims have to do with the alleged killings of protesters in his own country, Nigeria. If he brings up Rwanda to prove that “Kagame is a dictator”, then he chose the wrong example to support his case; if he couldn’t find people who are not thieves as proof that Kagame oppresses them, then he should find another example if he wants to write about dictators. Moreover, if he wanted to prove that Buhari is morphing into a dictator, then Nigeria’s past is rich with examples of dictators and coups d’état which should serve as more relevant examples for whatever Adebayo wants to say.

The writer is only describing a sequence of violence in his country Nigeria – protests and repression – and as a better contribution to his society, he should expose the reasons behind this violence: the youth who have given up hope and are now confronting the state. One wonders how Kagame is to solve Nigeria’s problems and bring hope to the youth.

Is the issue of extreme inequalities in Nigeria, illustrated by Oxfam’s disclosure that “the combined wealth of Nigeria’s five richest men – $29.9 billion – could end extreme poverty at a national level, yet 5 million face hunger” not exciting enough for Adebayo to explore?

Adebayo’s time could be put to better use.

Ugandan envoy Ayebare’s misleading interview with NBS TV on relations with Rwanda

By Alex Muhumuza

Adonia Ayebare (pictured) Uganda’s permanent representative to the United Nations as well as President Museveni’s special envoy to Rwanda has misled the public on supposed improving relations with Rwanda. Unmentioned is what a hindrance to good relations Kampala’s activities are.

Talking about Rwanda, Uganda relations in a report aired by NBS TV Uganda this last Sunday, Uganda’s permanent representative to the UN, and President Museveni’s special envoy to Rwanda, Adonia Ayebare has said that (Ugandan and Rwandan) officials “have continued to meet, and all issues are being addressed.”

In the interview conducted in his New York office, Ayebare was responding to questions about “progress in the Uganda, Rwanda talks to normalize relations between the two states” by the interviewer.

Ayebare goes on to claim that “officials have continued to meet and all issues are being addressed.” He then says he believes an amicable solution is soon to be found. “As far as I am concerned there is no standoff, and the countries continue to relate.”

Observers in Kigali that saw the interview – in which the journalist wondered whether there’s been progress following the Memorandum of Understanding brokered by Angola, and signed by presidents Kagame and Museveni in August last year – were astonished at what they called “the diplomat’s capacity to mislead.”

Contrary to Ayebare’s words, Kampala has been violating the terms of the MoU, even more blatantly as the months have come and gone.

The MoU mentioned at least seven key issues that must be resolved before relations can go back to normal. One of these is for the parties to desist from activities to destabilize the security of the neighbor. Article number 3 specifically says: “both parties reiterated their commitment to refraining from any acts of destabilization against each other.”

Currently however it has been revealed that Uganda has stepped up activities to revive Kayumba Nyamwasa’s RNC, which was annihilated last year following military offensives to eradicate illegal armed groups operating from Congolese territory. Ugandan President Museveni and Nyamwasa, after licking their wounds for several months, came up with “a two-part plan to overthrow the government of Kigali.”

This website learnt it from reliable sources that the plan involves recruiting cadres for RNC. They would source them from refugee camps populated by Rwandans, and from areas all over Uganda with significant Kinyarwanda-speaking communities.

After training these cadres – from a newly set up RNC cadreship training school in Bugolobi, Kampala – they are sent back to their communities “to mobilize for war against Rwanda.”

Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence, CMI, is the organ coordinating this activity, working in tandem with RNC’s Kampala-based agents Prossy Boonabana and Sulah Nuwamanya.

But the activities of these two individuals violate the MoU in two ways: they are working for the destabilization of Rwanda. Yet they are two of the actors supposed to have been repatriated to Rwanda to face trial for exactly such acts as setting up cells in several areas for recruitment, or disseminating anti-Rwanda propaganda.

But Uganda, rather than repatriate them, instead provided them heavier security in their CMI-provided houses in Kampala. 

One wonders how Ayebare would tell the world that “issues are being addressed” knowing well such things are going on.

In the preceding week, it was revealed that Frank Ntwari, the RNC’s youth commissioner – who also happens to be Kayumba Nyamwasa’s brother in law – was in Kampala to review progress on the mobilization, and cadreship training. It was reported that not only did Ntwari meet with Boonabana and Nuwamanya; he also met with senior CMI, Defense, SFC and security officers.

It did not end there. Ntwari also met one of the biggest fish in the Ugandan military and security establishment: President Museveni’s younger brother Gen. Salim Saleh, the most influential individual in the UPDF hierarchy, other than his elder brother.

Ugandan senior officials have been raising complaints that “Rwanda closed the border and therefore trade was severely impeded.”

That issue was what the NBS interview with Ayebare hinged on, with the journalist once again intoning, “what a drag for (Ugandan) trade the closure has been.”    

Rwandans on their part have been pointing out it was Uganda itself, through activities with the goal of destabilizing the security of Rwanda, that closed the border. One prominent Twitter commentator said: “if Uganda so much values its anti-Rwanda plots, then let it forget Rwanda’s market and trade with RNC, or FDLR, or RUD-Urunana and other terror groups that Kampala is in bed with!”

But then, as if to highlight how uncoordinated Kampala’s propaganda efforts on the issue are, Ayebare on the one hand claims that as far as he is concerned “there is no standoff with Rwanda.” Or that “officials have continued to meet, and issues are being addressed.”

But on the other hand Kampala propaganda outlets on the payroll of CMI – an organ run by none other than Ayebare’s half brother, Maj. Gen. Abel Kandiho – regularly publish slanders against Rwanda. One is a recent article by the Commandonepost website that alleges Rwandan security agents (including Rwanda’s High Commissioner to Kampala!) have been involved in a plot to import guns into Kampala “for use by elements in Uganda to fight the government.”

Commandonepost’s smear has been thoroughly debunked, with facts showing the guns were imported by Kampala, and Rwanda has absolutely nothing to do with them.

What a confused group, laughed a Kigali-based social media account.

FLN terror outfit disintegrates in a row over fund embezzlement, and internal wrangles

By Fred Gashema

Anti-Rwanda terror group MRCD-Ubumwe’s Faustin Twagiramungu and his armed wing FLN’s Col Alex Rusanganwa alias Guado (left) are up for the establishment of a breakaway faction.

The feuds in the Paul Rusesabagina’s terror outfit National Liberation Front (FLN) have reached a boiling point as the terrorist group deputy head of military operation “Col” Alex Rusanganwa alias Guado defected to form his own breakaway group with Faustin Twagiramungu “Rukokoma” as his direct “Commander-In-Chief.”

Rusanganwa is infamously known for having led and coordinated the Nyungwe attacks – in Nyabimata and Nyamagabe respectively in June and December 2018 – that claimed the lives of nine unarmed innocent civilians in total, with assailants looting citizens’ properties and burning down vehicles among other atrocities.

According to knowledgeable sources, one of the reasons behind Rusanganwa’s defection is US$ 150,000 that overseas-based FLN supporters wired in 2018 to facilitate the terror outfit’s activities; but the money vanished in the pockets of the terror group’s head of military operations “Brig. Gen” Antoine Hakizimana, alias Jeva. Jeva used to represent CNRD-Ubwiyunge in the Brussels-based coalition of terrorist group MRCD-Ubumwe formerly led by terror suspect Rusesabagina.

“The money had been raised by Rusesabagina and fellows from MRCD-Ubumwe, of which FLN is the armed wing, as a budget to facilitate the terror outfit operations aimed at overthrowing the leadership of Rwanda through subversive activities on Rwandan territory,” a source familiar with the workings of the terror group said.

However, Rwanda’ security organs were very successful in neutralizing FLN’s terror attacks, and arrested some of its top leaders that include Callixte Nsabimana and Herman Nsengimana – the group’s former publicists and the overall commander-in-Chief Rusesabagina. According to reliable sources, an audit by the terror coalition on 12, June 2020 ascertained that all the funds were embezzled by, notably, “Gen.” Jeva of CNRD-Ubwiyunge, which oversaw FLN rebel fighters. Subsequently CNRD was expelled from the coalition.

Reliable sources explain that Rusanganwa, who had had differences with his former boss Jeva, was very mad at the latter over the embezzled funds though he (Rusanganwa) had led and coordinated the Nyungwe attacks but got no “incentive” in return. This pushed the man to defect and form his own breakaway terror outfit that he leads under direct orders of the Brussels-based Twagiramungu.

“MRCD vice president and spokesperson, Twagiramungu played a major role in the defection of Rusanganwa as part of the plan to recruit him to the breakaway army into MRCD so that the coalition gains an armed wing that it currently doesn’t have,” our source revealed. “Consequently, Rusanganwa is now openly reporting to Twagiramungu and not to Jeva as he previously used to,” revealed the source.

According to security observers, “the current disarray within FLN remnants is undoubtedly another sign that the terror outfit is on its last legs. Last year its top commanders were arrested, and hundreds of the their fighters shot or captured by the Congolese military, FARDC, with many repatriated to Rwanda to face justice for their crimes.”

FLN’s disintegration came at the time members of other overseas-based anti-Rwanda terrorist groups mainly RNC, FDLR, RUD-Urunana, and CFCR-Invejuru are incessantly turning against each other over what they openly describe as divisionism, betrayal and greed among others.

In the ongoing court trial of Paul Rusesabagina on terrorism charges, his case will be heard together with all his henchmen of FLN that are serving prison time for their crimes. 

Caught red-handed importing guns to kill Ugandans, CMI propaganda attempts to deflect blame upon Rwanda

By Alex Muhumuza

The Webuye weighbridge in Kenya (left) where trucks full of guns were intercepted. The guns’ final destination was Kampala, where the state has been shooting and killing supporters of the opposition.

An article published on the Commandonepost website – one of the numerous propaganda outlets on the payroll of Ugandan Military Intelligence, CMI – yesterday claimed that a shipment of guns recently seized in Kenya is “linked to Rwanda.”

The conclusion to be drawn from the claims of the website, run by one Bob Atwine who is on the CMI payroll, is that the guns – which were allegedly seized last week at a weighbridge in Webuye in Western Kenya – were being smuggled by Rwanda into Kampala “to contribute to the insecurity there.”

The article makes several claims in an attempt to establish the supposed link between Rwanda, and the election-campaign insecurity and violence currently roiling Uganda. But everything about this story only incriminates Kampala, which is the true purchaser of the weapons that were intercepted in flatbed trucks by Kenyan Police.

The first fact to know is that the final destination of the guns was KAMPALA.

The second fact to know is that the issue of the guns was first reported in Kenyan media.

A Nairobi-based website, kenyans.co.ke wrote on 19 last week: “5 trucks destined for Uganda have been seized by Kenya’s security apparatus following a tip-off that the trucks were ferrying sensitive security cargo. According to police reports, two of the trucks were seized at the Webuye weighbridge, just an hour from the Malaba Border. Two other trailers had been seized in Nairobi, while one was flagged down in Bungoma.” The Kenyan website then reveals: “Paperwork from the trucks showed they were coming from Mombasa, and indicated Kampala as the final destination.” 

Clearly Rwanda had nothing to do with these trucks or the guns in them. “Obviously, Museveni’s people were transporting more guns to kill Ugandans with, so as to suppress them from voting other candidates,” said a security analyst that talked off record. “But caught red handed, of course CMI rushes to turn Rwanda into a scapegoat!”

Commandonepost, whose primary duty as a tool of anti-Rwanda propaganda also includes deflecting upon Rwanda blame for crimes committed by its bosses, must have realized that a story in Kenyan media about trucks full of guns intercepted en-route to Kampala would immediately incriminate them. These weapons, it would be obvious even to a child, were imported by the security apparatus of Uganda and their purpose is to kill supporters of opposition parties that have shown very strongly they are fed up with the government of President Museveni.

The world, through social media, has seen the horrific violence Uganda’s forces have been inflicting on supporters of MP Robert Kyagulanyi, the candidate attracting overwhelming numbers of masses to his side.

The cities and towns of Uganda are crawling with troops, police, militias known as LDUs, and several elements in civilian attire toting guns – all of whose job is to suppress supporters of the opposition. They have been brutally arresting, clobbering, or shooting them, and throwing many in jails. They have been running over peaceful protestors with vehicles, and shooting many indiscriminately.

“Uganda is awash in guns, but who else is arming all these government goons? It is the government!” a media source in Kampala remarked.

Commandonepost, in its latest mission to try to tarnish Rwanda for the crimes of its Kampala bosses, however, goes about the task in the shoddiest way possible.

The CMI-affiliated website begins by plagiarizing several paragraphs of the article from kenyans.co.ke, and then alters it by injecting in anti-Rwanda propaganda. (There wasn’t mention of anything to do with Rwanda in the original article). So shoddy is the article that the photographs Commandonepost uses of the supposed guns in fact is a picture of weapons in Nigeria, according to sharp-eyed social media accounts.

Commandonepost claims: “sources told this website that the swift action of the Kenyan General Service Unit followed after a tip off from Ugandan operatives from External Security Organization in Kenya.”

The supposed action is exposed as a fiction cooked up by Commandonepost since at no point does the Kenyan media that broke the story on Kampala’s guns mention any supposed cooperation from Ugandan agents.

Several other cooked up fictions, or fictitious quotes follow to create the impression that “Rwandan security, or state operatives were involved in fomenting violence in Uganda.”

Some of these are claims that “Rwanda Defense Intelligence working with some actors inside Uganda were behind the move to sneak in these guns, and use them to fight Uganda government sources.”

Other claims are that “a senior Rwandan military officer has been receiving funds for the operation.”

Yet other allegations vaguely insinuate that Ambassador Joseph Rutabana, recently appointed as Rwanda’s High Commissioner to Kampala is “running the operation.”

“Everything is just innuendo, insinuations and lies, and there is nothing they back with one fact. These lies includes the tired rumor that Rwanda’s aim is to support a full scale war on Uganda, where it will be fighting a proxy war using wrong elements that have been fighting Uganda from DRC,” said the security source who talked to us off the record.

“Once again we also see their projections with the allegation that Rwanda wants to fight them using proxies.

“But it is the other way round; it is Museveni using terrorist proxies like Nyamwasa and his RNC, or FDLR, RUD-Urunana and other terrorist groups in hopes of destabilizing Rwanda, but has failed miserably!”  

RDF defilement suspect, Sgt. Maj. Robert Kabera escapes into Uganda

By Alain Mucyo

Sgt. Maj. Kabera whose crime has made him escape to Uganda.

A sergeant major of the Rwanda Defense Force, Robert Kabera has escaped after defiling his own daughter, a 15-year old. An investigation by Virunga Post has ascertained that the suspect has fled to Uganda.

It is said that Kabera – who committed the crime in the night of last Saturday, 21 November in his home in Ndera, Gasabo District – immediately disappeared. It is said he was scared he could face arrest. He went to Kagitumba from where, our inquiries reveal, he crossed into Uganda using a porous route as security authorities were closing in on him.

Sgt. Maj. Kabera, a musician in the RDF band, was said to have committed the crime under the influence of alcohol, which he is said to be a heavy user.

According to sources that know Kabera well, this is a soldier that has been plagued by indiscipline throughout his career, “despite the fact he was given many chances” a former colleague said.

Now even his own family members are appalled at what he has done, defiling his own daughter.

Information we have is that the rogue soldier slipped into Uganda last Sunday, in the dark at around 10 am.

RDF yesterday, Monday 23, put out a statement that it had launched an investigation against Kabera on defilement allegations.

RNC’s Frank Ntwari in Kampala to review Ugandan-facilitated RNC cadreship training

By Alex Muhumuza

RNC’s Frank Ntwari. He’s been in Uganda to meet RNC agents and cadres.

News reaching our desk is that Frank Ntwari, the Rwanda National Congress “commissioner of youth” currently is in Uganda where he has been meeting Prossy Bonabaana and Sulah Nuwamanya – two of the most prominent Kampala-based agents of the terrorist group. According to reliable sources, the South Africa-based Ntwari – who is a brother in law to RNC head Kayumba Nyamwasa – is in Kampala to evaluate progress on cadreship training of RNC recruits in Uganda. He is also meeting RNC cadres that have been recruited from several parts of the country.

In recent months, Virunga Post has reported details about recruitment activities for RNC going on all over Uganda and facilitated by the country’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence, but also with the participation of the Special Forces Command.

Reliable sources have revealed that Bonabaana and Nuwamanya, who were operating a shell NGO, Self Worth Initiative, have been using this cover to set up cells in places like Hoima, Fort Portal, Kakumiro, Namutamba, Mubende, Kiboga Nakivale refugee settlement, and other places in addition to Kampala. The focus has mainly been on those places with sizable Kinyarwanda-speaking communities.

After the RNC agents have recruited its cadres with the help or facilitation of CMI, they are then taken to the RNC “cadreship training center” located in the Bugolobi suburb of Kampala, on Street 21, Mpanga Close.

The cadreship training, it has been revealed, is part of a recently hatched, two-part plan by which the regime of Uganda’s President, Museveni, plots to overthrow the Rwandan government.

It has long been an open secret that Museveni, in his long-term plan to destabilize Rwanda, adopted Nyamwasa’s Rwanda National Congress as his main proxy, and assisted and facilitated the group openly. With CMI in charge, RNC has in the past recruited fighters, and CMI has provided them fake travel papers to training camps in the DRC. CMI has been facilitating the movements of officials and senior commanders of RNC throughout the region in their arms-purchasing operations, or to attend strategy meetings to destabilize Rwanda.

However, in mid 2019 RNC and other DR Congo-based illegal armed groups suffered heavy military routs that saw many of the terrorist top commanders and fighters either killed, or captured and repatriated to Rwanda to answer for their crimes.

Museveni and Nyamwasa were reported to have become desperate at the near total collapse of RNC. Their plans to destabilize Rwanda looked to have gone up in smoke.

It was then that they came up with their fresh, two-part plan – the first phase being “to build a movement of cadres with the right ideology.” It is for this reason that the likes of Bonabaana and Nuwamanya have been setting up cells and recruiting in several places, and apparently this is part of what they will be reviewing with Ntwari.

Reliable sources have revealed that the trainers of the cadreship center, who offer online courses include people like: Gervais Condo, the US-based RNC secretary general; Epimaque Ntamashobora, the UK-based RNC commissioner in charge of mobilization, among others. Local-based instructors include Robert Higiro, Epimaque Runanira, and Rusagara.

“Museveni and Nyamwasa realized that they miserably failed the first time, and they seem to be determined to move ahead, instead of acknowledging they will never get anywhere,” said a Kigali-based security observer.

According to reliable information, “phase two” of the plan is supposed to begin when a sizable enough body of cadres has been trained, “and understand the ideology well.” These are then supposed to be sent back to communities with significant numbers of Kinyarwanda-speakers, either Rwandan nationals or Ugandans of Rwandan origin.

The idea is to further mobilize and recruit enough young men for war against Kigali.

A security observer in Kigali, hearing of these things, remarked: “no matter their changes in strategy, their efforts will be futile. They will be just as decimated in the future as they were in the past!”