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Blaming Rwanda for Kabuleta a ruse to deflect attention from his expose of the “Muhoozi Project”

By Alex Muhumuza

Pastor Joseph Kabuleta .

When Uganda security agents arrested – more like abducted – Pastor Joseph Kabuleta and took him to some unknown location, Kampala propaganda mouthpieces did not waste time alleging that “he was working for Rwanda”.

“TrumpetNews” and “CommandPost”, the most prolific tellers of tall-tales went as far as alleging that “Rwanda is paying Kabuleta” through “a dollar account” in “a bank they can’t disclose”. That is when one gets to know that Museveni’s propaganda mouthpieces are selling a piece of fiction. They gave zero details to back their claims.

We have seen this movie before. When assassins on motorcycles kill some prominent person in Uganda, Museveni and his minions point their fingers at Rwanda. Suspiciously they do that before a single investigation has taken place. They do that even when the body is still in the mortuary, before the doctors have released any autopsy report.

It has become a tradition – ever since Museveni chose his policy of hostility against Rwanda by hosting and backing Kayumba Nyamwasa’s RNC, and other anti-Rwanda groups – to point the finger of blame at Rwanda for each and every piece of malfeasance by Museveni and his groups.

The malfeasance which Kabuleta wrote about on his social media accounts is, “the Muhoozi Project” – the plan Museveni’s wife and her husband have hatched for their son to inherit the Presidency when he expires. Journalists in Uganda have been fixating on the fact that Kabuleta called Museveni a gambler, liar and thief. They are missing the real issue. If one just called Museveni names, he would just let it go.

But the hard-hitting way Kabuleta had tackled the “Muhoozi Project”, reducing the First son’s reputation to tatters and exposing him for a thorough dullard that’s totally unfit for high office has shaken the Rwakitura Mafia. Kabuleta’s knowledge as an insider; as one that they wanted to recruit in the cohort that now makes up the core of the Special Forces Command, loyal only to Muhoozi Kainerugaba – a Lieutenant General of the most dubious caliber – makes him uniquely dangerous to the Mafia.

The popularity of Kabuleta’s post on his Facebook page was such that regime insiders were in a sweat what to do next. When they contemplated that Kabuleta was probably writing a follow up piece, one that would explode like a grenade on Muhoozi again, they decided to do something. The security forces swung into action.

They did what most characterizes any lawless regime. They settled on an abduction – the kind they have been victimizing innocent Rwandans with for the past two and a half years. They waylaid Kabuleta last Friday evening in a restaurant in Forest Mall, and dragged him away, protesting and resisting. They showed no arrest warrants and neither did they identify themselves. That is how Museveni regime security agencies do their stuff.

Almost immediately, the public outrage began coming in torrents.

MPs were taking the regime to task to produce Kabuleta. Well-known city attorneys were saying they were willing to testify before any court on his behalf. “Produce him in court now!” people shouted angrily. If the abductors were thinking Kabuleta was some Rwandan they could easily kidnap and torture because he had no one to speak for him, they were very mistaken. Vocal protest was breaking out everywhere.

It was about this time that the lower-end, bottom-feeding Museveni misinformation outlets wheeled out the old ruse of blaming Rwanda. They wanted to deflect attention. They wanted to ease some pressure from Museveni, and there was no other way they could immediately think of than smearing Rwanda.

What does Rwanda have to do with Kabuleta? Nothing. The pastor cum journalist is a civic-minded Ugandan that speaks for all Ugandans that are tired of the 33 years of the Rwakitura Mafia. They are people that would rather fight than allow the extension of that Mafia’s rule through its scion.

“People would rather perish than allow such a thing!” an infuriated Ugandan confided to this news website.

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