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Ben Rutabana in Kampala; Edgar Tabaro shuttles region, as Museveni cements support for RNC

Exclusive investigative report sheds further light on unholy alliance between Museveni regime and RNC

By Sam Kagoro

Rwanda National Congress, the terrorist organization that seeks to destabilize Rwanda, seems convinced that its base in Uganda has been secured and is now trying to spread wings across the region, according to reports obtained by this website.

We can confirm that within the last two months two top officials of the RNC visited Uganda and Burundi respectively in efforts to bolster the organization’s operations in the two countries.

As Uganda’s support for the RNC comes into the open, a high-ranking official of the RNC jetted into the country just last week. Ben Rutabana, a former musician turned “head of capacity development” for the organization, visited Kampala as a guest of Colonel Kaka Bagyenda, the Head of Uganda’s Internal Security Organization (ISO).

Rutabana, who travels on a French passport, is a wanted person in Rwanda and the Ugandan government is aware of it. Under normal circumstances, the Ugandan government was duty bound to arrest him and inform Rwanda in order to begin the fugitive extradition processes.

Instead, Rutabana’s visit was on a par with the status befitting special guests of any state. That was apparent with the kind of protocol and detail that went into preparing his arrival, and stay, in Uganda. Rutabana’s VIP treatment would have led any observer to conclude this indeed was no ordinary visitor.

Given the relations between Kampala and Kigali it served as yet more proof that Museveni’s security institutions has thrown its weight fully behind the RNC.

While in Uganda Rutabana was assigned protection from the Internal Security Organization (ISO) meaning that his safety was totally guaranteed. Given the current levels of insecurity in the country, it was the kind of protection Uganda’s beleaguered members of parliament and other VVIPs would only dream of, according to a source familiar with the Rwandan fugitive’s trip to Uganda.

To illustrate the point, Second Lieutenant Jack Erasmus Nsangiranabo, a Kampala-based ISO officer, was attached to Rutabana as his personal chaperon. Another ardent RNC supporter Frank Kamurari Kinwa, a Muhima businessman based in Kampala, was also available to ensure complete facilitation of Rutabana’s visit. It was a very well planned and coordinated visit, according to those in the know.

Our sources disclosed the man was in Uganda to get a first-hand appraisal of RNC activities in the country. That was the purpose of his meeting with Col. Kaka Bagyenda (of ISO), who briefed him on the ongoing activities before handing him over to his subordinates.

These were led by Major Mushambo, the UPDF 2nd Division Intelligence Officer, who took Rutabana for a field visit to meet RNC recruitment agents across the country.

During his field visits Rutabana urged members to continue operating clandestinely in ways that protect their agents and the Ugandan government. In turn, they agreed to set up structures and cells across the country that would be able to ensure information control and avoid leakages that may cause embarrassment to Uganda’s leadership.

Edgar Tabaro visits Kayumba in South Africa

Ben Rutabana’s visit comes on the heels of yet another key movement in the region by another RNC supporter.

It has come to light that a month ago Edgar Tabaro Muvunyi (of the law form Edgar Tabaro & Associates and Deputy Board Chairman of the Netherlands Uganda Trade Investment Platform- NUTIP) the RNC lawyer in Uganda visited Kayumba (Nyamwasa), the RNC supremo, in South Africa.

Interestingly, it was Tabaro who bribed the judge who released 39 of the 46 RNC recruits at the Mbarara magistrate’s court on June 25, 2018. (These were amongst the men that were apprehended travelling using forged Uganda travel papers on their way to RNC training camps in eastern DRC).

Investigations have revealed it was Edgar Tabaro, acting on behalf of the RNC that bribed (an advance payment and a balance after release) to Grade I Magistrate Daphine Ayebare, and JB Asiimwe, the head of international crimes Division at the DPP’s office.

During his time in South Africa Tabaro met with Frank Ntwali, the RNC Head for Youth Mobilization, as well as Kayumba. They discussed strategies for mobilizing more support from Uganda, according to a source with intimate knowledge of this trip.

This website is reliably informed that Mr. Tabaro is in close contact with Brig. Gen. Abel Kandiho and Gen. Henry Tumukunde, Uganda’s immediate former minister of security.

The attorney also boasts of “the fruits” of his work saying that Gen. Elly Tumwine, Uganda’s new Security Minister, is also “sympathetic” to the RNC.

Tabaro has also been mobilizing support for the RNC in the region where he is acting as its special envoy and Kayumba’s emissary, something that has put him in frequent communication with Kayumba, Brigadier Gen Abel Kandiho and Bagyenda.

Accordingly, following his visit with Kayumba, he (Tabaro) boarded a plane to Bujumbura where he met top security honchos in East Africa’s troubled country. Among these was Gen Evariste Ndayishimiye, the Secretary General of the ruling CNDD-FDD.

The Burundian senior officer promised further cooperation, noting his forthcoming meeting with Kayumba regarding his government’s promise to provide more support to the RNC.

Tabaro also had a meeting with Gen. Steve Nkakarutimana who assured him that more support would be provided to the RNC on condition that the organization is also able to mobilize other resources for the campaign.

In Burundi attorney Tabaro cum RNC envoy also met with Gen. Agricole Ntirampeba (the Security Advisor to President Nkurunziza), Gen. Emmanuel Sinzohagera, and Thomas Ndacayisenga, a businessman in Bujumbura.

While different media houses have reported on the unholy alliance between Uganda’s leadership and RNC, this website is bringing you in depth details of the partnership that now has RNC officials crisscrossing the region mobilizing for support.

However, it is the manner in which Ben Rutabana was received in Uganda that underscored that country’s commitment to the terrorist organisation.

Similarly, the reception of Edgar Tabaro, Kayumba’s special envoy by Burundi’s top security officials was indication of intent to deepen the relationship between security officials in Uganda and those in Burundi, particularly in terms of their commitment to support the RNC.

What is clear is that these security officers cannot be acting on their own.

The fact that the RNC is not maturing in operational capability must be frustrating their patron in Uganda.

According to a political analyst who was contacted by this website to comment on these developments, there’s one thing remaining. “At one point Museveni might simply take the decision to destabilize Rwanda on his own because his efforts to organize these fellas is not bearing fruit,” said the analyst.

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