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Barnabus Taremwa lies in job application to Museveni

By Patience Muvunyi

Bernabus Taremwa has recently been writing a series of articles in the form of open letters in the ChimpReports. Initially he posed as a “concerned citizen” whose interest was helping to restore relations between Uganda and Rwanda. Eventually, he dropped the pretence, revealing his real motives: He wants a job.

“I also suspect you don’t have many advisors you believe in. Remember during the wedding of comrade Noble Mayombo many years back, you told us you take advice from only three people. Number one was Noble Mayombo, the second you said was Gen Kale Kayihura and number three was Amama Mbabazi,” Taremwa writes in his job application then continues, “However, as we all know one is dead and the other two are out of action. From this context I imagine you may be in a dilemma of getting a trusted advisor.”

At this point the reader begins to suspect Taremwa as a “concerned citizen” has someone in mind for the job. He does. It is: Barnabus Taremwa. He proposes himself for the position of Museveni’s “trusted advisor”.

As a Ugandan citizen, Taremwa is well within his rights to solicit for a job from his president. However, he shouldn’t conceal his sollicitation under some pretext of a noble cause of trying to help repair relations between two countries. Indeed, he compounds his mistake by proffering unsollicited advice to President Kagame on what he should do. It would be much more preferrable for him to wait for his application letter to get him the job and then start to advise the person from whom he is seeking employment.

Taremwa motivates his job application by implying he could replace Andrew Mwenda who, he says, is “the last friend” the two presidents share, which, presumably, explains his unsollicited advice to the two men.

He strengthens his job application by showing his potential employer that he is a man who is prepared to lie to protect him, especially by the way he tries to minimise the torture inflicted on Gatsinzi, a person he admits to knowing and to have shared comradeship.

In the same breath, Taremwa manages the contradictory feat of condemning and justifying torture. He totally ignores, moreover, the fact Gatsinzi’s letter was written not only on his own behalf, but also on that of hundreds other Rwandans who have faced similar abuse at the hands of CMI, which Taremwa tries to deceitfully pass off as an isolated incident where “operational hiccups by security agencies like the case of Gatsinzi are making a bad situation worse.”

Cyemaire Emannuel, Abinshuti Alex, Bayingana James, Nsekanabo Lando Ali, Byaruhanga Nduwamungu Vianney, Dinah Kamikazi, Agasaro Vanessa, and Jessica Muhongerwa, are among the hundreds who have been tortured by CMI, and on whose behalf Gatsinzi was writing. Taremwa knows this very well, but dishonestly pretends otherwise on his job application.

If Taremwa believes such lies will curry favour with Museveni, then he must know his prospective employer better than readers do. Normally, a job application is strongest when the applicant’s value are well matched with those of the prospective employer.

Taremwa cites Rama Isibo who repeats Museveni’s diversionary statement that the problem between the two countries can be solved by “using the phone,” a statement he made at his joint press conference with President Kagame in Entebbe on 25 March 2018. Both feed into Museveni’s clearly calculated misdirection, which they want to pass off as some kind of discovery of their own.

Taremwa seems to think that by labelling Rama, a senior six diploma holder, as a “Rwandan intellectual” and crediting him with a statement originally made by Museveni, this will be treated as coming from some kind of Rwandan authority, and therefore as wisdom to rely on to fix “the silent war.”

Taremwa is not done lying on his job application. He invokes an “obscure site” Kigali uses “to accuse Uganda”. Someone posing as a non-partisan “concerned citizen” turned job applicant seems to forget he is supposed to disguise his motive for writing in some pretence of neutrality and instead ends up treating Museveni as the victim, when the evidence overwhelmingly shows the contrary.

Taremwa accuses Virunga Post of ‘peddling propaganda’ that allegedly undermines these efforts by its articles. He is unable, however, to point to anything Virunga Post has written without evidence, given that everything this website has published has been proven true by the concerned parties, such as the recent report of the meeting between the FDLR and RNC in Kampala, confirmed by the FDLR officers themselves after their interception by the Congolese authorities at the Bunagana DRC-Uganda border post.

Finally, if Taremwa was as neutral as he wanted to pretend in his job application he would have raised issue with CMI-linked sites that have specialised in hurling insults at Rwanda’s leadership. The many sites he could have directed his ire at include Sarah Kagingo’s Soft Power (and her anonymous accounts, Gareth Ofungi, etc), Spy Reports, and of course Chimp Reports itself, the website Taremwa used to publish his job application.

An honest employer would reject Taremwa’s job application. But then again, Taremwa must know the person from whom he wants that job would see nothing wrong with his dishonesty on his application.

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