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Attacks and counterattacks as anti-Rwanda terrorist groups take each other on

By Fred Gashema

RNC agent Kayumba Rugema has been on a tear recently, hitting out at erstwhile FDLR allies, and others.

Things continue to fall apart within overseas-based anti-Rwanda terrorist groups.

Last Sunday social media was awash with accusations and counter-accusations between the Norway-based Kayumba Rugema, a cousin of Uganda backed RNC terror outfit leader Kayumba Nyamwasa, and a number of anti-Rwanda terrorist groups whom the former accuses of being “extremists that hide behind opposing the Rwanda’s Government to assassinate their compatriots.”

Through Facebook posts and a talk show on his online radio “Inda y’Ingoma” on November 15, Rugema attacked members of the FDLR and RUD-Urunana – the offshoots of ex-FAR and Interahamwe militia perpetrators of the 1994 Genocide Against the Tutsi- warning them against “portraying RPF as a party of murderers,” noting that RPF and some other political parties joined hands towards rebuilding Rwanda after stopping the genocide.

This was “an interesting admission by a member of a virulent anti-Rwanda terrorist groups,” social media commentators laughed. “Was Rugema about to see the light?” many asked.

“For you who believe that RPF and its allies in the liberation struggle are murderers or traitors, you are wrong, you are rather the real murderers as you were trained on how to kill and subsequently implemented by exterminating the Tutsis during the genocide. Stop the contempt and humiliating people – RPF and its allies are not killers!” Rugema said

Rugema brought it out that the majority within the so-called “Rwanda’s opposition” from abroad served the regime that prepared and executed the genocide as well as the then interim government ‘Abatabazi’ that also committed mass crimes against humanity while fleeing the country to the former Zaire. “You killed people for being Tutsi, if you are to attribute the killings to RPF-Inkotanyi remember the crimes of those regimes you served!” Rugema charged.

A number of members of the anti-Rwanda terror groups were quick to retaliate against Rugema’s assertions accusing him and Kayumba Nyamwasa of being “responsible for RNC terrorist Benjamin Rutabana’s disappearance.” They then hit out at Rugema that he might have boycotted the terror groups “to be a troll of the current Government of Rwanda!” That was insinuated by Andre Kazigaba who serves in the top leadership of the Mozambique-based armchair terror organization- CFCR-Invejuru.

Rugema’s comments come in the wake of the current disarray within the so-called “Rwanda Bridge Builders” – a coalition that brought together various terrorist groups such as RNC, MRCD-FLN, FDLR and FDU-Inkingi, among others. Members of this coalition now are accusing each other of greed and embezzlement of member funds.

One of the prominent figures in the anti-Rwanda terrorists’ camp, Noble Marara normally known as “a very noisy anti-Rwanda agitator” was recently heard averring that something called “Rwanda’s opposition from abroad is no more! It has been militarily and diplomatically neutralized.”

According to observers, “disarray within anti-Rwanda terrorist groups is undoubtedly a sign of failure despite unreserved support such as training and logistics among others that they get from some neighboring countries.

“But now it looks like some members of the terrorist groups are realizing the game is over and they remain with nothing to promise beside openly going for each other’s throat!” commented a Facebook social media page.

The Congolese army, FARDC, have been on course in flushing out the terrorist groups from its territory, and as a result hundreds of terrorist fighters have been killed, many others were captured and repatriated to Rwanda to face justice for their terrorism-related crimes.

Meantime, Rwandans are enjoying the whole spectacle of Rugema Kayumba turning against his FDLR friends and other terror groups, and the others in turn tearing him down. “It is just so funny!” said a tweet.

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